Hotpoint safety notice about washing machines

4-hotpoint-logo Hotpoint have put out a statement about some of the problems customers have had with some of their appliances.

So here goes.

They said: "We are very sorry that some of our consumers have experienced problems with the appliances that BBC Watchdog have featured."

"At Indesit Company, the safety of our appliances is our priority and we continually monitor the performance of all our products. We treat any issues regarding the safety of our machines with the utmost seriousness. The particular cases highlighted on the programme, as well as the cases that have been brought to our attention, have been dealt with promptly and on a case by case basis."

"The incidents outlined has been identified as a technical issue with a very small percentage of washing machine production during periods of 2007 to 2009 could be affected. On becoming aware of the potential issue it was risk assessed under General Product Safety Regulations and was classified as ‘Very Low’ risk therefore it was concluded that no direct consumer notification was required."

"We take consumer concerns very seriously, through our ongoing and continual monitoring of all our products in the market place we identified a further improvement to reduce the risk to ‘Extremely low’."

"We would also like to inform consumers that this problem does not affect any Indesit or Hotpoint model on sale today. Consumer satisfaction is extremely important to us, Indesit Company apologises to our consumers for any inconvenience caused, and we reaffirm our commitment to delivering quality, reliable products."

If you need to find out if your washing machine has been affected, then click here, and enter your details accordingly. For dishwasher notices, click here. For cookers and ovens, click here.


  • Paula d.
    Still haven't heard anything regarding my washing machine or tumble drier customer service is shocking
  • Jessica R.
    I contacted you about 7 weeks ago regarding my tumble dryer and haven't heard back after an email say you'd be in touch within 5 weeks? Thanks jessica raynor
  • miss b.
    I find this a joke, as since November 2015 , im still waiting for my indisit condensed dryer to be checked, due to them being recalled for a safety fire hazerd issue, I have given my details and serial number of the dryer, and still waiting
  • Steven b.
    I contacted them and was told my dryer is one that's effected was told to leave my details and they will get back to me !!! That was months ago so no their not that concerned about people's safety
  • Jean,
    Wmxtf 842 p uk. S/n 40919417680858810095 has this model got any safety issues
  • Kristle
    My dryer has broke 4 times now sick of getting it fixed
  • Father J.
    @ Jean - yes, it's owner is a potato. HTH.
  • Lee B.
    Customer service is shocking. Passed from one department to another and still not managed to speak to anyone to get an answers regarding my tumble dryer which has been recalled. Now found out my washer machine may be dangerous. Thought Hotpoint were a reputable company
  • Bonobo
    @Lee Buckley. They used to be, but are now part of Indesit. Only Beko are shittier than Indesit.
  • gas m.
    Morons, utter morons.
  • fred
    reported mine on 24th nov still have not heard anything
  • Alan L.
    Why do people post on here thinking hotpoint are seeing these posts??
  • Father J.
    Because they're retards Alan. Complete and utter retards.
  • Jan
    Still waiting for mine to be modified. Must be nearly 10 weeks now. However friend with older tumble dryer got brand new one delivered after Xmas. Terrible customer service - cannot get a sensible answer from them as when I am likely to get modification done. Shame on Hotpoint
  • Klassicman
    Chased Indesit about the delay in fixing the problem with Hotpoint tumble dryer problem, have been told that they have 100 engineers working on the fix but due to the number of faulty units we will not see an engineer until May, hope this helps all those people who have not heard anything.
  • Sara f.
    Reported mine 24th Nov heard nothing managed to find a phone number got palmed off think watchdog need to follow this up. Crap service don't even keep in touch with an estimated time frame
  • Jayne l.
    Does anyone have a number to chase it up on please x
  • julie
    Yes I have a number Hot point hotline 0800 - 151 -0905 Spoke to them today having reported mine 8 weeks ago, to be told that a engineer won`t be out until July, that will be 7 months later or I was told that they are offering customers that they can buy a new tumble dryer at a reduced rate. I don`t think so! I agree watchdog needs to follow this up

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