Hotel's attention to detail brings a tear to the eye

Anybody in this posh hotel for a morning swim before brekkie? Yes? Excellent news. Then slip the bermuda shorts on and stroll down to the pool, but remember the management are quite intolerant of offensive behaviour by riff-raff like us. Hotel review site Oyster found this sign in the Sheraton Manhattan. In Manhattan, obviously:

Yuck. We're not sure it sounds any better than "No pissing, shitting, gobbing phlegm or snotting". And yes, we had to look up expectorating. Who the Christ knew what that meant before now?

[Oyster Hotel Reviews] via [NewYorkology]


  • Name (.
    Dammit, you mean shitting in the pool is banned?? That's one more hotel I won't stay in.
  • zeddy
    Of course everyone knows what expectorating means. You take a expectorant cough mixture to shift the phlegm when you have a cold, you imbeciles.
  • Nobby
    It doesn't say anything about taking a dump on the side of the pool, only IN the pool.
  • Paul S.
    Good for you Zeddy, and all those other sickly children out there who learnt to read from medicine bottles.
  • pauski
    Nothing wrong with masturbating then?
  • Paul S.
    Nope. That's perfectly acceptable.
  • zeddy
    @pauski: absolutely not! I do it every day and seem to suffer no side effects. The pool attendants get kinda angry though........
  • Antique A.
    Lifeguard: I'm afraid I had to eject young Johnny from the swimming pool today. Young Johnny's Mother: Why was that? He's such a good boy! Lifeguard: He was peeing in the pool. Young Johnny's Mother: I don't believe that. How do you know it was young Johnny who was doing it? Lifeguard: He was standing on the edge of the high diving board at the time!
  • Simon
    "It doesn’t say anything about taking a dump on the side of the pool, only IN the pool." But think of the inconvenience in having to removi yourself from the pool to relieve yourself!

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