Hoovers, being, um, hoovered up

bosch vacuum Vacuum cleaner sales went mental last month as people rushed to get their machines ahead of an EU ban. We did tell you about it, should you have missed out on the goldrush.

The ban on vacs with motors higher than 1,600 watts came in to make Britain a more energy-efficient nation.

Albeit one that will now be hoovering twice as much, so, yeah, WELL DONE EVERYONE CONCERNED.

Tesco alone have said that they've had a 44% rise in automated cleaning solution products, and stores selling that sort of thing in general, have sold 3.9% more than August 2013.

The Office for National Statistics said the surge helped boost retail figures.

“Feedback from retailers suggested that sales were increased as consumers sought to buy high powered vacuum cleaners before the EU energy saving regulation came into force at the end of August.” said one of them.

Sales of ­household goods leapt 12.7%. Furniture sales surged 23.4% year-on-year, the biggest increase since records began in 1988.

Powerful hoovers - sucking us all out of this recession.

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