Hooray! It's nearly time for National Oil Check Week!

Quickly! Everyone! Grab your diaries! It's nearly here! National Oil Check Week starts on 15th June! What do you mean, you hadn't heard? Do you realise how important this is? According to their uncredited statistics, over half of motorists don't check their oil regularly enough, while nearly one in five never check it at all! Bonkers!

Have you checked your oil recently? No? Maybe you're not sure how to. Don't worry, help is at hand! The National Oil Check Week roadshow is coming to a town some distance away from you! Edinburgh! Bristol! Manchester! Blueswater! By the time you've driven to one of the events, you'll probably need to check your oil. Good news! You're at the National Oil Check Week roadshow! Hooray!

But who is behind this altruistic, selfless endeavour? Why it's Comma, the UK's leading suppliers of oil and chemical products for passenger vehicles! Hooray for Comma! So for fuck's sake, hurry! Mark National Oil Check Week on your calendar now!


  • Joff
    Now I feel stupid for having already had this pencilled in my diary. Curse you Paul Smith.
  • Jack
    Damn, I only topped up my oil last week, now I don't have an excuse to visit the exciting roadahow. I think I'll have to drain it.
  • abc
  • Uncle T.
    Paul Smith, it's only people like you who drive wanked out cars that need to check their "dip stick". I own & drive a famous brand 2009 German vehicle, so need for extra "Comma" shit oil from Baghdad.
  • chocky2002
    I have a man to do this for me
  • Faysh
    4 venues is hardly a road show....
  • sueprfran
    Bollocks to their 'fact', half of people don't check their oil? People too rich or stupid to check their own oil generally have someone to do it for them anyway, it's called a service.
  • Song B.
    Will the Blues Brothers be at "Blueswater"?
  • zeddy
    Might take the missus and see if they can lube her up.
  • Old B.
    Posted by chocky2002 "I have a man to do this for me" I have a young chick checking my dip stick every day.
  • Bullet
    Cant wait for national Wiper week.
  • Francis R.
    Yes, I'll be checking my oil daily during that week, then as it's not national oil check week after that week, I won't bother and leave my engine to sieze, brill.

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