Homebase special offers mean raising prices so you spend more

Difficult to know what to say about this - fortunately the screenshots are fairly self-explanatory.

Thanks to regular reader The Couch for tipping us off to Homebase's special offer on Richmond Oak Effect Flooring. Here's a cached version of the flooring from 24 June - just a week ago:

Bitterwallet - Homebase change pricing for special offer

There's nothing to indicate there's a special offer on the product at that time, or that it was temporarily reduced in price. The price per pack was £27.67, which works out at £19.99 per square metre; the minimum order was six packs, meaning the total price was £166.02.

And here's the same product as it was earlier today:

Bitterwallet - Homebase special offer

Same product, same pack - the product number and all the small print is identical - but now there's a special offer! Buy one get second half price! So you pay less, right?

Nah. The price per pack has jumped from £27.67 to £42.58, from £12.99 per square metre to £19.99. Six packs now costs £191.61 - over £25 more.

Special offers at Homebase - like how Rocky Dennis was special in the film Mask, yeah?


  • PaulH
    Sonna Beetch! Isn't this the norm for most retailers?
  • Joe
    Yeah this goes on all the time. I remember years ago at GAME we had loads of original XBox games around £4.99 - £14.99. This range ticked over quite slowly even though there were some OK titles in there. For the January sale all games in this range were raised to £19.99 'Buy one get one free' and they flew off the shelves! I can remember loads of them would have only cost a tenner together if the customers had bothered to look a week earlier. Lots that were sold were to regulars too so it shows people really shop by the offers and not by the products included!
  • fatlad
    Aren't there guidelines for this type of thing?
  • Robert
  • Jim
    Homebase have a discount price event this weekend. My only guess is that they are raising prices to compensate for the discounts.
  • Grammar N.
    The only regulation I was aware of when working in retail was that to mark an item as 'on sale', it had to have been at its original price for 28 days. This just meant that four weeks before a sale was due, the retailers would hike all of the prices, some beyond their original release price, just to mark it down as 'on sale', even though it was just 'down' to the same price as it was before the sale.
  • Gunn
    I'm going there this weekend, better watch out for this.
  • a b.
    retailers r the ew estate agents fucking scum
  • Nobby
    Error - The price per pack was £27.67, which works out at £19.99 per square metre. It should say £12.99
  • gauly
    Actually, not just this product but almost all the ones on buy one, get one half price offer: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:6NKxuNYb160J:www.homebase.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay%3FlangId%3D-1%26storeId%3D20001%26partNumber%3D1832806+homebase+floorboard+effect&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk http://www.homebase.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=20001&partNumber=1832806
  • Dan
    Nothing new. Shops like "Officers Club" that permenantly sold stuff at 70% off used these tricks. The jumper was only ever worth £15, it was just on a rack at the back of some shop for £50 for a month to legally qualify to be sold at 70% off in every other shop.
  • miknik
    I went in to the store to buy this today and found out about their "offer" pricing, googled and found this page and complained to manager. I got my 14 packs of flooring at the old price, saving £60 compared to the new offer price they have listed, it pays to moan, girl on customer services was rude, but manager caved instantly.

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