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I am a UK cosmetic surgeon by day who happens to have an interesting in consumer research and psychology.

My main area of special interest is working as  non-invasive cosmetic specialist with my clinics at Botox Harley Street London and Botox Brighton where we do everything from beauty treatments in Brighton to lip enhancement in London at the best clinics. I have a lovely group of people helping me out at the best clinics and spas in Brighton and London, including the Best Spa Brighton. I don't do microdermabrasion brighton, tanning brighton, or waxing brighton, but we offer such services if you need it too.

And yes, we see both men and women...


  • Mike H.
    Dan Brown, I love his work on channel 4 when he hypnotizes peeps, then proceeds to make them perform meanial demeaning tasks.
  • Shirely M.
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