HMV beat off Amazon for pop purchases

hmv HMV have announced that they've beaten off Amazon.

Well, more nudged ahead in terms of physical music product sales, not completely destroyed them in a fight to the death or owt.

Sales of vinyl went up by 170% - which in real talk terms means 350,000 - as it seems people don't just like the feel of the stuff, they want to hold those inches it in their hand and feel special, and carry it around like some head from the early '70s with their Dark Side of the Moon racket or something.

This is all very encouraging for HMV, seeing as they were on Deathwatch a couple of years ago and gradually evaporated out of our towns.

CDs were up by 1.5% even though they've declined in general by 4.9%. Part of this may also be down to the supermarkets cutting back on selling CDs unless they're like a guaranteed biggie like a Now! album.

Paul McGowan, CEO of HMV's owner Hilco Capital said: "HMV has captured more and more market share in a year when major new movie releases have been scarce and there have been only a few major album successes."

This is good news for physical formats, which have been under siege from downloads for more than a decade and, more recently, streaming services like Spotify, who now count towards chart figures, where something like that Clean Bandit number 'Rather Be' was streamed about a billion times.

CD sales have halved since 2009, and even the biggest selling acts like Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith only just broke a million sales of their efforts in 2014, but the rest of the best sellers of the year dropped off quite sharply as regards physical.

But it's all good news. Whether you're trying to locate a copy of that Paranoid London vinyl only affair, or trolling around Amazon's marketplace for ancient Now albums, Music literally is the winner.

So, hurrah then, for the slightly up and down world of pop music!

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