HMRC face probe over Vodafone £6 billion tax let-off

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Cast your minds back to late 2010 if you can – you might remember some mild kerfuffle regarding Vodafone and the small amount of SIX BILLION POUNDS of tax burden that they managed to talk their way out of.

You might have been inconvenienced when you tried to visit a Vodafone store, only to find that it was full of angry people waving banners and shouting a lot. There was quite a bit of that too in the aftermath of the SIX BILLION POUND LET-OFF REVELATION.

Thankfully, it might not happen again quite so easily in the future. That’s because the National Audit Office have revealed that they are probing the deal along with other big money settlements that HMRC have reached with large firms.

An NAO spokesdude made the whole thing sound all laid-back and groovy when he said: "We are reviewing HMRC's procedures for resolving tax disputes. Given Vodafone and other similar cases, we thought it would be a good idea to look at the procedures by which the settlements are reached.”

The results of the probe will be published in July. Whether it will mean that the public coffers will start being filled up with money that is rightfully paid by large corporations instead of being snatched away from the weakest members of society remains to be seen. Thatcher, eh readers?


  • piggy
    "instead of being snatched away from the weakest members of society" You mean 'snatched away by the weakest members', surely, i.e. dole wallers?! They can't be asked to get off their arses to look for a job, bless...
  • piggy h.
    posted by piggy - your as much fun as a snail. you incosiderate wretch shut up and get back to ya ma!!! whom is very saucy btw and loves shemailes
  • Peter T.
    Well done, piggy. About time someone stuck it to the disabled!
  • piggy
    True, I suppose you could consider all dole wallers disabled at some level...
  • Smiff
    piggy you deeply unpleasant, person - this is a story about large corporations paying less tax than small UK businesses. is that something you support? what a patriotic person you are.
  • Ben
    Except it isn't, really. Vodafone had paid tax on their earnings in France and Germany - as this is where the earnings happened. HMRC wants to tax a companies total revenue, regardless of where it is earned, and if they have paid tax on it elsewhere. It's deeply ironic that students (who pay very little tax) are the ones with the strongest opinion about this.
  • Owen
    I left Vodafone over this, i;m now a 3 customer
  • bawbag
    Owen you are a FUD.
  • Kevin
    Ben is right. There is no lost money. No proof of Vodaphone conning anyone. There are just lots of people who have no idea how international business and banking works.

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