Hmm, somebody in London is trying to sell 40 brand new iPhone 4s...

Happens all the time, doesn't it? You somehow find yourself with 40 brand new iPhones and the only means of flogging them is via Craigslist. Wonder how that happened?

Bitterwallet - 40 iPhones for sale in London[Craigslist]


  • Dick
    Me and my 25 mates would like to buy one each. We'll pay you on collection, after cricket training tonight.
  • Alex
    Report it to the police then....Blatantly dodgy......
  • me
    Police? Those incompetent overpaid cowards? Don't make me laugh!
  • spacehopper
    Yeah, fuck the police. Fuck authority. Fuck law and order. Fuck everything. Cos that'll really fucking help.
  • Darren
    I wonder if bitterwallet has reported this to the police, it is there responsibility to do so, as they have published a story on it.
  • Jonnie J.
    To call the Police cowards is pretty offensive. Rather lost for words. There are plenty of videos online showing how out numbered they were on Sunday and Monday night. This fact was made worse because their resources were being spread to protect fire crews who were trying to stop people's businesses and homes being burnt to the ground. Have I missed the point or are you actually saying these men and women are cowards?
  • Me
    Well they were also outnumbered on that peaceful protest of "tree huggers" that happened in 2009. That did not make the Police act peacefully. Against a real threat... being outnumbered is a very good excuse not to act accordingly.
  • br04dyz
    did anyone see the bookended news on Monday? Started with British people taking to the streets and the police backing down, ended with Syrian people taking to the streets and the police brought a fugoff big tank with them and the people backed down. Then someone from ITV said "noone knows how to stem the troubles".....ask Syria!
  • Bob S.
    Yes, but what the British government is doing is restoring order. What the Syrian government is doing is brutally oppressing its people. It's completely different. Honest.
  • Milky
    I agree with "me" when it's generally a quiet demo, of old grannies on a bus the police will break the law & intimidate. As with other events they wade in like sgt delroy smellie, laying into all & sundry, BUT when there is a real need for the police t intervene SOME of them wouldn't even come out of their own police station & face down a crowd, they are after all trained professionals ((allegedly)) have sprays, tazers Batons, etc at their disposal,unlike us! ..worse than fucking useless, corrupt & useless, look how the corruption goes' from bottom to top! How many police lately let go / investigated.. then another "top flight" senio sent to investigate, taken to dinner, ..joins the company he was investigating.. HOW are we supposed to take anything thes twats say or do seriously! You have to trust them to believe in them & therefore to do something they "ask" of you. The riots were utterly wrong, I wouldn't have kicked a copper If I saw one down, but I'm hardly likely to help one up or out of a sticky situation! My daughter is now 7 & hasn't trsted the police since she saw what they were capable of when Ian Tomlinson was killed nby more police thuggery in action complete with masking up & hiding identification. They are fucking rich when it comes to "lawful" endeavours! Good cops, ..out the bad coppers amongst you & raise the profile of a good british bobby working FOR the public good. THAT is what you are there for. Interstingly enough it's the police that don't tend to strike as they are USUALLY given far better than any other of the civil service, as when other agencies (eg nurses fire brigade) rebel the government rely on the police to quell other civil servants... Aint it strange that the police were to a large degree in the initial riots standing back & doing nothing, result, cuts less likely, enabling them to carry on as before...easy! & ONLY THE POLICE COULD DO IT!
  • Milky
    ..sorry forgot to say, daughter was having nightmares for months afterwards (after tomlinson) & the London demo's having seen plenty of media on the subject, when we stopped to help at a nasty car crash we witnessed on a dual carriageway (wife a Nurse, whilst I cleared the road of debris to assist traffic flow & ran to get the first aid kit, I parked my daughter on the verge, when the cop turned up she almost ran across the dual carriageway to the barriers because of what she perceives they represent, ...shame! She ended up faxing a letter to the PM & our local front bench MP about it, ..needless to say the twats in no.10's office at the time didn't respond, why would they? ..after all she's only a small kid showing intelligence & concern not to mention the drive to put pen to paper at such an early age. Our own village copper (very nice chap) was deemed too sociable with the residents of his village / area (police house) & torn off a strip, ..thing is you do go to a cop if they are deemed good people & part of the community, he saved alot of paperwork by actually being friendly, drinking locally, helping out with legal matters,driving lads home to the other end of the village late at night so the village would stay quiet! ..madness! result, respected, talked to local law enforcement, you'd accept his call on a situation & deem it was handled fairly.. That's the sort of person I would help out in a sticky situation! When theres a mob there's a mentality, you've got to break that down & demonstrate your presence, trustworthy are the police who wouldn't come out of their own station at a time of great public need? Yes I bloody well would have walked out myself & have in similar odds of 15 to 1 (them tooled up) & 30-45 to 1 worked, I'm here today, perhaps the police should have deputised (like in the old west)? to swell numbers & show force within communities who clearly didn't want their homes & areas trashed.
  • Me
    Tl; dr
  • Bob
    Or, perhaps the police don't strike because it is wholly illegal for them to...
  • The m.
    Wtf this fake Me above wrote?
  • Tom
    Milky: Maybe you should stop making your daughter watch people being killed on TV, that can't be good for her. I must agree that the current image of the police in general is one of obstruction and criminality rather than help and support. When ever I have spoken to a member of the police (e.g. asking for directions) they have always been very rude and are never willing to help. Also, as my wife looks a little foreign, we often get pulled over for our car to be searched.
  • me
    @ Tom Maybe you should consider returning your wife to the Russian buy a bride website and ask for a refund!
  • Author
    @me since when did people get pulled over for looking Russian?
  • Zen O.
    "my wife looks a little foreign" She sounds like a real pigme.
  • PC T.
    Thank you for this lead. Timely information like this helps us investigate crime.
  • PC T.
    Bollocks. Listing removed already. Even though we acted faster than normal.
  • me
    @ PC Andrew Timms Good timing?!
  • Grumpy
    WTF Is dis real?

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