Hippo Eats dwarf! Well, sort of. Well, not really.

Oh, you wacky readers. You send us your problems, your concerns, your feral trolleys and your demands that we somehow cancel your Orange contract because of some article we wrote two years ago. You also send us hilarious snippets from local newspapers, on the basis that we'll happily stretch our already wafer-thin remit as a consumer-focused website if it gets a laugh:

Bitterwallet - Hippo eats dwarf

So it's thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Stephen for this cutting from an unnamed publication. We're not sure whether Stephen believes it's true or not, but as much as we'd like to laugh at some parochial hack for publishing a so-ludicrous-it-could-be-true yarn, this one is older than Aesop.

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  • Dick
    If I owned a newspaper, I would insist that I had at least one of these type of stories in every issue.

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