Highway robbery averted, CCTV Smart car chased out of town

Avid Bitterwallet reader The Couch has pointed us in the direction of a website called Nutsville - "highlighting corruption, deceit and plain old incompetence in local London councils". The site's chief remit appears to be to cause irritation for councillors concerning road use in the capital, with a bias towards the plight of motorcyclists in particular.

One of their favourite targets is the CCTV Smart car, used by councils across the country to "enhance road safety" - though they seem to do a tremendous job of filling the pockets of councils too. According to the BBC, in the year to March 2010, Londoners alone paid £7.3 million in fines as a result of CCTV Smart cars.

Nutsville also has a flair for producing YouTube videos highlighting their cause - this is the latest, with motorcyclists engaging in guerrilla tactics to spoil the council's fun:


  • Veronica
    Christ, that was dull.
  • The B.
    Fuck me. That twat's accent dropped quicker than my nan's knickers back in the day.
  • David C.
    Well that's 2m23s of my life that I'll never see again...
  • Noghar
    O yes, and what an unbelievably long, dull film.
  • Theo C.
    Did that really need 20 seconds of titles and all that padding? There was the grain of a relevant 30 second film of the bikers at work, the rest of it was tedious. Thanks.
  • Rumplestiltskin
    Crash helmets must make you stupid - I've never seen a considerate motorcyclist using the road, ever.
  • The B.
    Rumple, I was cut up by a motorbike once (I was cycling) and he pulled over and apologised to me, so they're not all inconsiderate.
  • Paul C.
    Have these bastards got nothing better to do all day?
  • Samuel
    Wait a minute... Isn't that car parked on double yellows?
  • Doobs
    I've just been out for a lunchbreak in Westminster, and saw my first smart cctv car round the first corner. Didn't see one motorbike doing anything like this, so i'm betting it's all talk.
  • -]
    A car driver calling bikers inconsiderate? lol. get a grip, son.
  • Dog m.
    @ Samuel No, they were parked on double black and whites. Why dont they do something more useful like flip the thing on its roof. Or put a black bin bag over the camera and stick it down with some really strong sticky tape.
  • Rumplestiltskin
    @ -] I don't drive my car, I have a driver for that.
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  • Oliver
    I saw this on the BBC TV programme Watchdog and thought it was a brilliant idea! It has inspired me to do something similar to the CCTV camera cars that are operated by my council. I hope it has inspired others too. @Doobs, obviously the bikers are not going to be able to follow the Smart Car around at all times, I'm sure they have jobs to go to. Maybe YOU could help to warn drivers that there is a CCTV car there, rather than complaining about other people not volunteering 100% of their time, why not volunteer some of your own time? Just a thought.

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