Hidden messages in brand logos? Yes please!

toblerone_logoAll too often, people spotting hidden messages in logos and advertisements are nothing short of hooraying mentalists looking for cock-shaped things or sex messages so they can point and shout EEVVVVIILLL!

Mercifully, this isn't one of those posts, but rather, genuinely ace hidden things in brand logos that will make you coo! and ahh!

For example, look at the Toblerone image. Nothing unusual about it. Just a picture of a mountain. Right? Wrong. While there's no doubt that it is an image of the Swiss Alps, had you ever noticed that there's a reference to Bern 'The City of Bears' in it? Yep. There it is! A great bloody bear on the side of a mountain.

For more ace hidden graphic design porn, visit GraphicDesignBlog's top 25 list. Do that here. Feel free to share any others you've spotted (you are advised to completely make things up to confuse other people... like the big pair of balls hidden in the eye of Coco the Monkey).


  • Joff
    Christ on a bike I've never seen that before and I've been to numerous airports in my time. The scoundrels!
  • Paul S.
    The FedEx logo has my mind in tatters. I'd never seen the arrow before.
  • PaulH
    "...conveying speed, direction and reliability of this amazing courier service." They being paid by FEDEx?
  • MrRobin
    Ah yes, i see the bear! And a fish falling out it's belly!
  • Gunn
    Agree FedEx one is good.
  • Gob
    Does the image of Lisa Simpson giving a blowjob in the London 2012 logo count as a hidden message?
  • kfcws
    I thought 2012 logo was illegal under the new anti porn rules in the UK.
  • Chris S.
    Whats the deal with the little fox logo on some of the Asda smart price products?
  • Joey
    I like the BlackBerry logo. It has 2 Bs concealed in it and it looks like a berry. http://stormgrounds.com/wallpaper/Miscellaneous/simple-blackberry-logo/
  • glee f.
    i knew that ages a goooooooooooooooooooooo but i thought it was a wolf, look at the tail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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