Hey! Remember Apple's 1986 clothing range?

Dear god, did this REALLY happen?




Yes people, yes it did. And there's a whole lot more of it for you to gawp at in disbelief over at Huh...


  • i p.
    No I don't...
  • Her L.
    As worn by every self-disrespecting Mactard ever since.
  • Zleet
    The second picture looks like they are about to challenge me to ski the k12.
  • Spencer
    I would be willing to bet substantial sums of money that were apple to re-release these clothes.... the apple faithful would part with a lot of cash for them. I reckon about £35 for the tshirt...
  • The D.
    You would know Lola. You own a Mac and dress like a cunt.
  • Her L.
    The only Andy Dawson, sadly you're right on both counts. - Sent from my PC

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