Hey Burton, the 'Black Reggae Artist' has a name ACTUALLY...

SO disrespectful...

Screen Shot 2012-07-18 at 21.46.52


  • bob
    I'm guessing they had the rights for the photograph/image but not the right to use Mr Marley's name on a non officially licensed product.
  • Howard D.
    Bob Murphy?
  • Joe B.
    Funny how there's been a recent influx of non-white, non-british people related posts on BW of late. Almost as if the team WANT to encourage racist and xenophobic posts. Nothing like a bit of good old fashioned racism and xenophobia to stir up debate eh?
  • Joe B.
    Non-white, non-british people related articles on BW of late sorry
  • Reser
    The "black" is in regard to the shirt colour not the Artists race. A Black tshirt of a reggae artist
  • Admiral A.
    The ‘White Reggae Artist’ shirt at Tesco is £19
  • Bri
    Len Dastard - I've just lost respect for this site. If you run a professional website, you remain professional. Banning people when they say stuff you don't like and calling them a cunt (in capital letters), is no way to behave. No doubt I'll get banned for this, but whatever, I have no intention of coming back. Oh, and with regards to the "article", it's a total clickbait headline. You know, full well, it refers to a black t-shirt with a photo of a reggae artist. But that wouldn't get as many clicks now, would it?
  • JLR
    @Bri - how does it feel to be easily trolled?
  • Sicknote
    What kind of sad act shops in Burton any way?
  • Bob
    He is a half breed as one parent was white so it is incorrect to call him black.
  • Bob
    Its some light hearted humour... black, white, racist this, racist that... get fucking over it.
  • zeddy
    Everyone knows it is J.R. Hartley. What's the problem?

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