Here's the science part, Madonna. Concentrate.

Bitterwallet - Adobe cream


  • F. F.
    Whats this photoshoppy melarkey? Never heard of it...
  • The t.
    Madge used to love 'Cockney Cream' all over her haggered face, they even made a cream together, after it stopped making anything decent, she decided it wasn't making enough money lying round the house all day, they went their separate ways and she got paid off and now she uses this.
  • Stinky P.
    I want to buy a pot of adobe photoshop cream
  • Mr G.
    It's a bit shite that it only does one half of your face...
  • StickyJeans
    Either way, I'd tap that.
  • Mr M.
    Fakez, You can tell by the pixels
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGayIsGay
  • StauntonLick
    I now see this when I close my eyes.
  • andy y.
    She's a fox (or maybe a badger)
  • Nobby
    Why have they photoshopped her to make her look old?
  • Bagpuss
    This day cream also seems to whiten your eyes, change your pupil colour and blondify your straw-like hair. It be a miracle!
  • Mike
    What would be really funny is if some bright spark who put this together actually made an on-line gallery of photo-shopped celebs like this???

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