Here's a picture of Louis Walsh and a donkey. Now go away.

There's nothing worse that cockended PR types pleading to be your friend, in the hope you so you'll whore your site and plaster their latest shitty products all over it. So step forward Christopher Kang, of Hill & Knowlton PR:


Hi. We've never talked to this man, by the way. We're not friends or anything.

Tango’s launching Tango ‘Fake Tan-go’ Tanning wipes this week and Louis Walsh is the first person in the UK to get set for summer using the fake tan product.

He was the first? Are you sure? Haven't you got to test this sort of stuff in labs, or at least try it on someone who won't sue you for millions if their face falls off? I'm no scientist, but I think you've fucked up, right there.

I’ve attached some images of Louis sporting the new product. They are HILARIOUS, I do say so myself. Please let me know if you’d be interested in more information.

Christ, so these photos aren't simply hilarious, they're HILARIOUS, even if Christopher does say so himself. Presumably because we were too stupid to make our own minds up. Go on then, let's take a gander at these photos that'll put a Bill Hicks routine to shame:

Bitterwallet - Louis Walsh. And a donkey.

It's got a donkey too, look. Nah, you've undersold it, mate. Nurse, the cotton, so we may stitch up our sides. Cocksockets.


  • Andy D.
    WTF? IS DIS REAL??? Where's his fucking nipples????
  • Nobby
    Cheers, I was desparate for something to wank over, and that hit the spot (as did I).
  • wonky h.
    any pictures of foxes? They are all lovely and orange as well.
  • MayContainNuts
    It worked then - you've posted about them...
  • The B.
    Was it Tango Spam? Or is that banned now after all the kids busted each others ear drums?
  • Nobby
    On youtube too...
  • Nobby
    I still can't work it out when looking at the picture. Who was the driller and who got drilled?

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