Help us find Britain's most expensive breakfast!

We’re all in it together. That’s what we’re continually being told by the gang of braying oafs that have somehow ended up governing us.

But perhaps Iain Duncan Smith isn’t quite on message. The work and pensions secretary believes that a family should be able to get by on jobseekers allowance of about £70 a week, but this expense claim suggests that he’s more than happy to spunk more than half that amount on a single hotel breakfast.

£39 for a breakfast? What would you expect to get in a £39 breakfast? Gold-leaf rashers of bacon? A couple of slices of roast swan breast? Some heroin?

But is it Britain’s most expensive breakfast? We doubt it – and that’s where we need your help. Tell us about the priciest fry-up or other early-morning offering that you’ve seen and we’ll build up an important dossier of information so that other government ministers can fill their boots before tying the laces and trampling all over the poor in them.


  • Jeff W.
    You've already found it according to the Guardian on 23 Aug.
  • WD
    The Wolseley does an omelette with 30g of caviar in it for £67. If you had the lobster omelette at £24.50, a mixed basket of viennoiserie and coffee, you could probably get to £39, but you'd be so full you would hardly be able to lift your snout from the trough. Although presumably Iain Duncan Smith has someone to lift it for him.
  • shiftynifty
    We’re all in it together.....yeah right....divide and rule with this shower of shit...LOL IDS with his breakfast claim...a storm is a brewing...
  • Darren
    Jeff Way 2012 or 2011 or earlier? stories are getting re-posted on here a lot quicker these days
  • 14th p.
    @ Darren - Its still January so BW are only just warming up. It takes a good couple of months before the 'Ctrl' & 'C'/'V' buttons are worn out on their keyboards and they begin to write their own shite.
  • LoveIT
    TRAVEL LODGE £15 PER NIGHT Plus £5 for their magical breakfast in a bag... nothing too good there for the croonies milking the poor to feed the rich!
  • spanks
    i suggest you ask your local MP
  • Alex
    I stayed at the Grange Holborn hotel in London last year. They wanted £25+ each for a buffet breakfast, we went to the greasy spoon across the road and paid £12 for 2.

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