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29 October 2014

snapdonate A new Android app allows users to donate to charity just by pointing and clicking!

SnapDonate allows users to donate to charities on a one-off basis, just by pointing their camera at a charity’s logo.

The app recognises the logo from posters, bags or other marketing, and allows the user to send a donation handled through JustGiving.

So just point, snap and donate!

Let's hear what Mark Warrick, founder and chief technology officer of The SnapDonate Foundation said: “In all the years I ran Busking Cancer to raise funds for Cancer Research UK, it was incredibly frustrating to see the look in people’s eyes when they were inspired to donate during a gig but just didn’t have cash on them. I vowed to enable people to help the causes they care about, without making it a chore for charities."

"The new SnapDonate app is the first fruit of this labour of love. It is our gift to society. Pure and simple."

The app currently works on 13,000 UK charities, including Alzheimer’s Society, Amnesty International, Cancer Research UK, Children in Need, NSPCC and the Royal British Legion.

So now you have no excuse, although remember to chuck a few coins in a bucket occasionally though, you MONSTER.

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