Hello From Editor Andy...

Hello. My name is Andy Dawson and I’m one of the Bitterwallet team.

In the past I’ve written for magazines such as Loaded, Front and New Musical Express. I’ve also written some television comedy that you’ve almost certainly never seen.

When I’m not doing this, I also find the time to be the TV critic in the Sunday Sport newspaper. I dare you to have a look sometime – it’s probably not as bad as you think.

I can think of five main reasons why I’m here at Bitterwallet. They are…

1: Over the years I’ve worked in retail and for one of the high street banks (not that there’s any difference between the two sectors) and know exactly how passionately the big corporations care about the happiness of their customers. The answer is ‘not that much really.’

2: I’ve got a pathological hatred of injustice. So whenever I’m the victim of bad customer service or misleading advertising, it boils every inch of my blood and turns me into a righteous consumer warrior.

3: I’ve got two kids and they ain’t cheap to keep, especially while as we languish in the depths of the credit crunch. I’m on a mission to find as many good deals as I possibly can and hopefully I can help you do the same.

4: I go a bit glassy-eyed and weirdly lovestruck when I’m around shiny, sexy gadgets, and we’ll be spending a fair bit of time looking at those too.

5: (I hope) I’ve got a wicked sense of humour. That should help as we try and make Bitterwallet somewhere where you’ll be entertained as well as informed.

Hopefully, you’ll make Bitterwallet one of your regular stop-offs on the worldwide supernet-highway. Don’t be scared to engage with us – we’re all in this together.


  • Mike H.
    So it is true, the camera DOES add 50lbs...
  • Andy D.
    You heartless beast! I have a glandular condition!
  • Mike H.
    We can't see those glands though Andy...
  • Jauffre
  • jp
    Andy. Write more. Objectively you're the funniest thing I've read since Paul S fucked up by trying to be a bit funnier than you.
  • Miami C.
    Great remarks were made by the author of this post.

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