Heinz Salad Cream really will be extinct thanks to ASDA

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Come along, daily deal websites, this is how you do a proper deal of the day. Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Mark for the spot - and to those of you in West Yorkshire, strap your skis on and head to the Wakefield branch of ASDA, sharpish.


  • Gunn
    I've seen a few of these and to me the issue isn't with the computer system that generated the label its with the employee who looked at that and still put it out.
  • Nobby
    Buy two, then go outside and write on the windows, in salad cream, "I only wanted one but saved 6p".
  • Luke
    Pretty sure these deals are intentional, they had two just like it in the Sheffield branch, i picked up 2 four packs of Heinz baked beans for less than the cost of one, they were selling so many that I can't imagine it was a mistake. Unless it's just a Yorkshire thing?!
  • Boris
    Snow news day? I need to know about the Norwitch roof snow drama so what about an update? Can't be bothered to go back to the story so kindly check up for me would you. Cheers.
  • Jonny J.
    I don't get the point of this article. They always have offers like this, its online too, or am I missing something???!!!
  • Oliver
    Boris the snow fell and the area is Blocked off, walked passed it today
  • -]
    Add me as another one who doesn't see the point of this article? One for £2.06 or Two for £2. Seems like a pretty standard deal.
  • Boris
    Cheers Oliver. I can sleep easy tonight.
  • shinkyshonky
    Unfortunately Boris things have taken a turn for the worse and the snow is back on the roof...reports coming in say this could be life-threatening
  • Julian
    I got a similar deal at Sainsburys last week - Braeburn Apples £2.05 per bag, or 2 bags for £2. I only wanted 1 but got 2 and gave one to my colleague.
  • Boris
    Bloody hell! I slept soundly and now realise I should have been restless. Please God let the unrelenting horror end. I'm going into the bunker for a few days until it#s over. See you on Monday BitterWallet Chums.
  • James
    I work in Asda, and these type of offers are on all the time. for example we had Fray bentos pies in teh dewsbury branch recently at £2 each or 2 for £2. It's because we don't do BOGOF. they disguise it.

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