Heineken gets classy

Heineken Heineken have had a bit of a rebrand as so to appeal to 'contemporary men' (nope - us neither).

The jolly lager company is hoping to appeal to the modern city-dwelling man, as opposed to the usual antiquated yokels who tend to bath in it, probably.

The 'star' can is going to be rolled out to the 170 countries where Heineken is sold with IMMEDIATE EFFECT. Which is quite the coincidence as there's a international man-based sports event coming up literally next week.

In today's example of 'someone got paid quite a bit of money to come out with this cobblers', Mark van Iterson, Heineken’s manager of global design and concept, said:

"Bare aluminium looks fresh and thirst-quenching when you take the can out of the fridge."

"The red star is one of Heineken’s most important visual symbols and has always been part of the brand identity. We’ve made it larger and more visible so it really stands out to consumers."

He goes on (no, come back): "Design generally is crucial for most products as it creates appeal for consumers. I believe that design is the premium-ness of this era."

"When it comes to packaging, the design is also the most tangible point of contact between a brand and consumers – they can literally feel it."

So there you go, you can literally feel it.


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  • God
    And here was me thinking they had been bought out by the communists.

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