HBO to come to you direct?

Game-of-Thrones-Season-4-Second-Trailer-570x293 HBO, peddlars of fare such as that Game of Thrones, are to launch a streaming service in the US.

Thus providing fans of the slightly OTT dwarf-based romp with an alternative to subscribing to expensive cable packages.

The broadcaster’s CEO, Richard Plepler, on Wednesday said the move would remove all the barriers to those who want HBO, in a move which may cut down on piracy by providing consumers inexpensive access to the content.

That's currently about the dimensions of the announcement at the moment, but it's unlikely to win HBO many chums in the cable world.

James McQuivey, an analyst at tech-research firm Forrester, told The Drum that HBO’s announcement will put the fear into US satellite TV providers said: "Their worst fear has come true: HBO has announced it will give customers direct, over-the-top access to its hit TV shows without requiring a cable or satellite subscription."

“This move was inevitable from the moment that people started streaming TV shows online as HBO has some of the most prized content on the TV screen and it appeals strongly to the young, affluent, educated demographic that is most likely to cut the cable cord in the next five to ten years.

“While Pay TV operators are certainly furious today, other cable programmers like Viacom and A&E are thrilled that HBO is shining a light down a path they may all have to contemplate in the future.”

McQuivey added: “None of them will have as easy a time as will HBO, but they all know they need an escape hatch for that moment when the current, bundled TV model begins to collapse.”

If all goes well, it's likely that HBO will fancy doing something similar in the UK.

The whole landscape of TV and programming is morphing before our eyes. All we can do is watch. Man.

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