Have Marks & Spencer been borrowing a design?

Here’s another one of those awkward situations where a major company has produced something that looks eerily similar to something that someone else has produced in the not-too-distant past. We’d hate to use the word ‘nicked’ but…

Rachel Taylor is a designer and one of her loveliest hand-drawn pieces of work (from 2008) is called ‘Etched Floral’. Look – ooh, isn’t it pretty….?

black 2 lo res

Now, here’s a design that Marks & Spencer have been using recently. We’re no experts, but Rachel describes it as ‘strikingly similar’. Hmmm…

M&S top

Just so we can take a closer look, here's Rachel's design and M&S' design, side by side...

M&S Copy & my B&W tea towel

There's an M&S tag there so that you can tell which is which. This one is all over the socialmediasphere, as we're now calling it, so let's see how Marks & Spencer manage to clamber out of it...


  • Sicknote
    Marks and Spencer has gone down the shitter and employs lazy bastards that pass themselves off as designers and stylists. Utter shitty shit now.
  • Alexis
    Presumably she'd be entitled to the profit M&S had made. Could be a fair few thousand I would have thought.
  • dunky
    One's blue....one's black... Case dismissed! Next....
  • ShakesHeadSadly
    My name is Mr Marks. Myself and my colleague Mr Spencer and a British Institution and as such, can do whatever we darned well please. We're infinately better than all of you and we'll take anything we........ What's that Mr Spencer? You have this year's profit report? Well let me have a look. ..... ..... .....
  • Sam S.
    They look nothing alike.
  • A P.
    I beg to differ, they're identical, just look at the angles on the corners.
  • foxes
    These are drawings of flowers and therefore public domain.
  • Neal
    "These are drawings of flowers and therefore public domain." So That's why Van Gogh's Sunflower paintings are worthless...
  • Hands S.
    However you look at it, its shit art and even shittier clothing...who cares
  • Vincent
    To be fair my paintings of Sunflowers are a bit shit

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