Have a free health check with Tesco and the BHF

British_Heart_Foundation_logo.svg Tesco, along with The British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK have agreed on a three-year partnership, which will see them combine forces and look to raise £30m to fund a series of initiatives to help people lead a healthy lifestyle.

To kick off activities, Tesco will be offering free health checks for 40,000 people during January at various stores around the UK.

Simon Gillespie, chief executive of the British Heart Foundation said: “We all must pay more notice to what and how much we are eating and drinking to maintain a healthy weight and heart. Half of us aren’t doing enough physical activity and this makes the situation much, much worse.”

So if having an NEW YEAR NEW YOU MOT to see if you're in any danger from heart problems or diabetes, pop down to your local Tesco.

That'd be the Tesco that is currently selling chocolate, cigarettes and has a massive, massive booze aisle.

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