Hats off to Mr Chicken

You know those Not Quite Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants that are everywhere? Yes you do – Supreme Fried Chicken, Carolina Chicken, Hen Cottage, those sorts of places.

Ever wondered who designs the signs for those places, those pieces of artwork that seem to almost infringe the KFC trademark without ever going too far? Now your question can be answered. For the most part, it’s one man - Morris Cassanova (aka Mr Chicken.)

A book of Mr Chicken’s logos has just been published, and in this interview he boasts that he’s responsible for around 90% of the non-KFC signs in the UK today. Don’t say we never pump pointless trivia at you in the name of education and entertainment.

[Creative Review] via [The Fate Of The Artist]


  • Edam
    Brilliant article. I live in Walthamstow and these places are absolutely everywhere. So much so that the council is trying to ban new one opening in certain places like schools.
  • Edam
    Of course I mean ban them opening *near* places like schools
  • Duke
    KFC doesn't have a chicken on it's logo!
  • jaysexy212005
    @ Edam, the council will have to close bigger take aways like mcdonalds and KFC if they started to shut the small chicken shops.
  • The B.
    It has an old man on it's logo, he puts the salt on the chips and the mayo in the burgers.
  • Liam
    In Manchester we have Allens and Krunchy Fried Chicken - Geddit? http://www.qype.co.uk/place/93785-Krunchy-Fried-Chicken-Manchester Allen's has to be the most hilarious: http://www.allensfriedchicken.com/ If I was the Colonel, I would be pretty pissed right now.
  • Colin
    The Halal one should have the head upside down dribbling blood from a throat wound?
  • Bob M.
    Nice, now I know who makes the adverts for the shit kfc. Thanks. Il go order a bargain bucket now.
  • acecatcher666
    Goddamn Andy Hamshandy you know how to rub salt in don't you. That's why ACE was banned from HUKD cos his Krappy Fuckin Chuckin deal :( it's still 1515 HOT HOT HOT even without an op http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/345992/kfc-deal-of-the-century-only-12-96- EDIT: This comment was NOT posted from acecatcher3’s IP address - Andy 3 times a day Hamshandy
  • acecatcher o.
    lol ur best article ever i actually loled at this, well done andy ace EDIT: This comment was posted from acecatcher3's IP address - Andy
  • Joff
    Bad Gas have a great compendium of Fried Chicken emporiums - http://badgas.co.uk/chicken/
  • colin
    The Halal one should have the head upside down dribbling blood from a throat wound? Sorry i shouldnt have said that but then again im a racist cunt!
  • Honky S.
    Colin, you're an honest racist cunt How do you think jews cut their chicken?
  • Obamade
    Ignorant racist tw*ts you wouldn't have the balls to say it to somebody's face, probably too busy with your di*ks up a pigs arse and a crispy bacon butty in one hand and a copy of the Sport in the other.
  • Ten B.
    [...] It’s Mr Chicken – the man responsible for designing the sign frontage for those not-quite-KFC fr... [...]
  • SJT
    The best one I've seen is "HENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN" in Manchester!
  • Matt S.
    Best one is in Leeds and is called Ken's Tuck-in Fried Chicken
  • -=Mike H.
    LOOLS Matt ^^ Mmmmmmm, crispy bacon butty, copy of the spot, white van, stereotypicalist!

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