Has Jesus appeared on this Walmart receipt?

Or is it Charles Manson? Or Demis Roussos? Or someone else? You tell us!



  • The B.
    Look at the eyes, it's good ole Charlie Manson, if you look closely you'll see they bought a helter skelter.
  • PaganWolf
    That is heat activated paper. So it's pretty easily faked for those that feel the need. I agree it looks more like Charles Manson though.
  • Marky M.
    I thought it looked a bit like Bin Laden.
  • Zleet
    Has Jesus had a stroke?
  • eddiex
    As there are no confirmed photographs of Jesus as yet it's hard to tell. He could look like fucking Dominic Littlewood .
  • Legend w.
    Maybe we should ask Kristian Digby ?
  • zeddy
    That's Bin Laden coming back to haunt you "God-fearin'" American hicks.
  • greg
    "a whole has been cut so i can return fire..."

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