Harsh warning for potential Bruno-watchers

17 July 2009

If you’re tired of ringing up cinema information lines and being forced to sit through a litany of bland, impersonal facts delivered with the all the humanity of an old omelette, you’ll probably find this quite refreshing. It’s a recording of the info line at the Diamond Cinema in Navan, Ireland.

Following the usual recital of film certificates and screening times comes a unique warning for anyone who is thinking of going to see Bruno. It’s great stuff… unlike the film itself.



  • chrisg.
    "one or two people have enjoyed it though" :D
  • GreyScale
    Its like something from Father Ted
  • Ian
    Ahhh I loved Bruno.
  • Mark M.
    "Easy Now" and "Down with that sort of thing" placards spring to mind
  • Bullet
    "I Doooooooont Believe it"
  • Swf
    Love it!
  • numberwang
    what Mark Minghell said :)
  • Jack
    Hahaha, I love that! I wander what father jack would think of the film
  • Bwah h.
    Fucking Irish.
  • Laughing w.
    "Don't come on after the fillum and tell us how horrible it was" Love it! Has anyone told Bishop Brennan yet?

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