Hark at Virgin's nightmare inducing 404 page

A lot of companies have fun with their 404 error pages (there's entire websites dedicated to such a thing, if that tickles your pickle), but Virgin have one that takes the biscuit, chews the biscuit, then throws the biscuit up and then eats the puke.

Behold. And sorry.




  • Dick
    It would be funnier if they rotated the picture 90 degrees left and just had Branson's beard and lips showing.
  • Zack
    In before feminists/gay-rights/transexual activists deem this offensive
  • Mr M.
    I deem this offensive
  • fox f.
    Actually eating your own puke isn't necessarily as bad as it seems.
  • OlPeculier
    Nice bit of advertising for AirAsia there...

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