Happy New Year from Len Dastard and Bitterwallet!

Bitterwallet - happy new year!

Hola, preciosas mariposas partido! This is a live stream from Bitterwallet's New Years' Eve party - and yes, our party is much better than the one you're at. Which one am I, you ask? I am behind the camera, of course! Ha ha ha. My identity must remain a mystery until the lights go off, when the ladies will enjoy orificio de castigo.

Feliz Año Nuevo from all the Bitterwallet team - Señors Andy, Paul, Mof,  gran jefe Paul and the others that have splashed words over these pages in 2010. We have enjoyed every moment in the company of you, the avid Bitterwallet readers. Well, most of you. Well, some of you.

All the best for 2011! Yo te estrangulan todos!


  • happy y.
    wtf is dis real first etc etc all the best for the new year
  • Adam
    Cheers all! Happy new year and all that....!
  • Wonky B.
    Thanks BW..... but our party was much better. We had a whole herd(?) of foxes and badgers to bum. Happy New Year!
  • andy y.
    Am I offended by this filth... as is my bitch.
  • Len B.
    [...] noches, amigos. I think. The new year party you may have read about, it has left me feeling like an axilas peludas. For reasons that are still unclear, I found a stray [...]

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