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  • nobby
  • Aussie
    this is ok, but "ho white" isn't?
  • Gregor
    The rest of the SW pics/t-shirts.... http://gizmodo.com/5403249/i-aint-in-this-for-your-revolution-im-in-this-for-the-star-wars-t+shirts
  • Brian
    Hy, my name is Brian. I had a good FRIDAY THE 13th, until half an hour ago....i was helping my mother put the weekly shopping away from Asda, when i dropped a bottle of Branston Tomato Ketchup (720g) on the kitchen floor. It made a right mess of my Nike trainers and G-Star jeans.
  • Wonkey
    Hi Brian I sympathise completely with your unfortunate event, i too had an accident involving sweet and sour chicken(hong kong style), a massive but very flimsy prawn cracker, expensive pair of jeans and white trainers this evening. Looks like its not "lucky for some"
  • Sing B.
    Dear Brian, thank you for contacting Bitterwallet comments. I am sorry to hear that you dropped a bottle of Branston Tomato Ketchup (720g) on the kitchen floor and made a mess of your Nike trainers and G-Star jeans. In this instance, all our calendars come with Friday 13th as a matter of procedure as we have to conform with local laws and regulations. On this occassion we are unable to offer any compensation for any damage caused by the inclusion of a 13th day of the month falling on a Friday. However, I am able to provide you with a goodwill gesture of a picture which may bring a smile to your visage: http://share.ovi.com/media/mindspy.public/mindspy.10145?sort=0 Thank you for your custom and I hope I can serve you in future. Regards, Mr S. Bilong Customer support advisor
  • Paul S.
    Gregor, clicking through the link would provide you with all the designs featured by Gizmodo. You know. Like.
  • charitynjw
    Is that a knife that Hans has got, or is he just excited to be on Bitterwallet?
  • Latrice
    Shiver me timbers, them's some great ionfrmaiotn.
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