Happy Christmas from FedEx

"Here's the monitor you ordered mate. Hope it works and that".


  • Tweedskin
    Didn't even attempt to ring the buzzer! He now works for Yodel.
  • Idi A.
    Well he delivered it, didn't he?
  • Billy
    I bet he even had a signature by the time he got back to the depot. Despicable bastards, all delivery drivers. Even the pleasant ones.
  • heywood j.
    Oh well, at least he'll have plenty time off work over the xmas period
  • Sicknote
    Hey, don't knock the lad for using his brain. Consider the alternatives: 1. Post office would sneak up to your door and gently slip the card in the door saying that you were out and you need to get your arse down the post office because Post Office staff can't be fucked to carry it all the way to your house. 2. Yodel would arrive at the completely wrong address; knock on the door to be told 'can you even fucking read an address you twat...?' - then you get an email to say that you weren't in and you've got 2 hopes of getting your parcel - Bob Hope & No Hope.
  • Ravi
    Has this been brought to the attention of FedEx? (If not, I'm sure it will be soon) It'll be interesting to see what they've got to say about it.
  • Richard M.
    At least the customer got his parcel! I recently had an issue with HDNL (Yodel) where their website tracking system claimed that my parcel arrived at the depot at 23.10 hours and they failed to get a response from the 'consignee' (me!) at 23.59 hours! (1 minute to midnight!) My lack of response was not because I was tucked up in bed and didn't hear the door bell. No, it was because they were trying to deliver it to my office address! Unbelievable!
  • Richard
    Left hand drive vehicle? Not in the UK?
  • oliverreed
    @ Richard Malin - how did they get your office address?
  • Mike H.
    What a wanker, he walked over the grass!
  • jo
    One could argue that it may not necessarily be a monitor inside the box. A lot of people recycle packaging. Could infact be something unbreakable inside. Unlikely but still a posibility nevertheless...
  • Raggedy
    There could also have been one of those massive blow-up mattresses that they use for stuntmen in films on the other side of the fence. Or a trampoline? Or a swimming pool? Or a stack of previously delivered monitors and the guy was just lobbing it onto the top of the pile? Or the home owner standing on the other side of the fence saying "Lob it over!"
  • Mark W.
    The box looks a little lightweight to have anything inside it! I call shenanigans.
  • jah128
    Its a viral made by UPS...
  • Raggedy
    I called shenanigans but unfortunately they weren't prepared to comment.

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