Happy birthday postcodes!

Bitterwallet - Best. Postcode. Ever. The most desirable postcode in Britain is in Wiltshire.

According to a study from the Royal Mail, to celebrate 40 years of the postcode, Tidworth, with its postcode of SP9 is literally the place to be.

That's quite some going to beat the rest of the UK's 1.8 million other postcodes.

Yateley village in Hampshire(GU46) came in at No.2 and Cumbria's St Bees (CA27) was No.3.

The top postcode in Scotland was in Glasgow (G44) and the nice sounding Brynteg (LL78) topped Wales' chart; but - hahaha - London didn't get a look in on the Top 10 at all.

But then the data was brought together from - you guessed - the Office for National Statistics - based on things like crime, jobs and quality of healthcare, so understandably, the smaller and quainter you are, the better you fared.

Enough of all that though, Happy Birthday the Postcode! Sadly, Britain doesn't seem to have any postcode as funny as the zip code pictured above.

Unless you can tell us different?

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  • DragonChris
    What was the top in Northern Ireland? Or do we not count as part of the UK? :(

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