Hangover-free beer works. If it's not beer.

http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/7610/imagesjust20one20beer88.jpgI recently saw a headline in the Independent titled "Beers without the hangover." Not reading it right away, I did briefly wonder if perhaps they put some kind of new Russian hangover cure right there in with the bottle,  because that would be something. (Except for the fact that the Russian hangover cure is brine like you make pickles in. Blecch.)

But when you get down to cases it's just your basic non-news piece about a slight jump in the sales of non-alcoholic beer. Now that's disappointing. So I went to the Wikipedia. Lo and behold, I found an article from the Telegraph about curing your hangover with a bacon sandwich. I'm going to repeat that and put it in italics so you can take it all in: cure a hangover with a bacon sandwich!

How it works is something to do with topping up your amino acid levels. That sounded plausible, and the kind of thing my GP friends would say to patients to convince patients of anything, but I really couldn't find a link to the actual study, just the article about it.  But this is all perfectly fine with me, as I shall just assume that it is true until then.

But seriously, how can one consider non-alcoholic beer to be beer?  Surely you've seen that episode of The Simpsons where the Duff Brewery starts making non-alcoholic beer and the next day it's chain- linked shut, abandoned, with tumbleweeds rolling across the parking lot...

So in the end what have we learned?

1. Hang-over free beer is a headline, not a product.

2. Eating a bacon sandwich may cure your hangover through mysterious chemical reactions.

3. Non-alcoholic beer can't give you a hangover, cause it's not really beer (even though a friend of mine once developed a hangover before he realised his beer had no alcohol)

4. Mmm ... bacon ...



  • bvrthy
    i hope they don't give the iphoen to someone else as I am tied into a 18 month contract with O2 and i want to upgrade when the new one comes out
  • iBone
    My iPhone gave me a hangover.
  • name
    Stop f*cking your iphone then.
  • acecatcher3
    vince, there must be something "wong" (haha do u see what i did?!) with the person picking the ferol trolleys, if its not up next week i wont be angry with u...ill b dissapointed. remember vince, two wongs dont make a right. x
  • Mike H.
    I would say it's more to do with the salt and protien content of the bacon, you get a hangover due to dehydration and lack of electrolites, so drink water and eat salty, faty, high protein foods, job done, shit, I think that's the cure for a hangover!
  • Nobby
    I agree. A shit and a shower is the best hangover cure. You can also get alcohol free vodka. It's called water.
  • Will
    I agree a nice beer shit usually does the job.

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