Hail to the Barock!

In 1963, Martin Luther King delivered his momentous ‘I have a dream…’ speech to a crowd at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. It was a cry for racial equality to the people in the fragmented United States of America. Fast forward 45 years, and those self same people had voted for a black man to take the highest office in the land, that of President. Well apart from those voters who had died and those who weren’t alive in 1963. Or those who voted for McCain.

Fast forward a few months from that historical election result and you can own a piece of smooth stone with the face of that inaugural black President scrawled on it. For it is the Barock and it is only $9.99, available from an unnamed American supermarket. As the promotional spiel says: ‘Want a way to ‘hold on to hope?’’ and ‘It’s a real rock!’. At best you can clutch it in your palm at all times, a reminder that truly, anything is possible in this strangest of worlds.

At worst, you can track down George W. Bush and try popping it off the side of his fat, ignorant noggin. But be quick and be accurate – we’ve all seen his prowess when faced with a flying shoe.



  • Tony Q.
    I once bought a George W. 'Bush' from a certain adult store. It gave me eight years of agony
  • Francis R.
    Sill less painful than 8 years with 'the wife' Tony Tone
  • Ben
    That's $9.99 for a 'Obama Vote Sweater', not a rock.

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