Hail the bearded balaclava

Are you the kind of man who enjoys sporting a substantial soup-strainer or some fantastically fulsome face-fur? Proud of it too are you? Thought so. But what happens in the winter when the sub-zero conditions bite and prolonged exposure to the icy weather can put you at risk of moustache-snappage? Hmm, it’s a tricky ‘un.

Mercifully your worries are now at an end, thanks to this new balaclava helmet that keeps you warm while at the same time broadcasts the fact that underneath it all, you’re packing some serious bristles. Or, you could just wear one if you want the world to think you’re Brian Blessed or a 1970s Beach Boy.

The balaclava comes in a range of styles, Viking, Lumberjack, Grandpa and Pirate. In case it matters to you, the moustache is detachable and alternative ‘tache styles are available.

Unfortunately, spring is right around the corner so you’re not going to get much wear out of it. Putting it away for next winter is iffy as well – firstly, will it still look as cool in 12 months time? And when you go to get it out of the back of the drawer, will mice be nesting in it?


  • -=Mike H.
    When I begin to feel that my face furniture is at risk of brittle fracture, I tend to nestle my face betwix the fat, unshaven legs of a buxom swiss mountain wench and go... bbbbbbbbbbbbbb, that usually does the trick.
  • darren W.
    I love the colour range: available in Viking (yellow), Lumberjack (brown), Grandpa (gray) and Pirate (black),
  • Brooke
    Where can I find one of these?
    I've ended up looking all above for all of this post. Luckily I discovered it in Google.

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