Hacking 'em batteries for a longer battery life

http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/4199/recycleoldbatteries5107.jpgWant to get more battery life out of your vibrator gadgets? Lifehacker recently featured 10 cool tips for extending battery life, some I've personally never even heard of, and thought were pretty cool. Here are a couple:

1. Turn C batteries into D batteries: Use three quarters (or similar), stacked on the positive end of the battery, so that the C battery is of the correct length. This temporarily costs you about $0.75 (or perhaps 15 or 30p?) per battery to hack, and you get your money back. It doesn't last nearly as long as real D batteries, but for short term fixes like getting your vibrator flashlight to work in a nuclear bunker during a swine flu pandemic, it might just save your bacon.

(A commenter on LifeHacker pointed out that you can substitute AA batteries for C batteries because they're the same length. There was somethig about using a 'PVC lawn sprinkler riser' to compensate for "the extra girth that C batteries have over AAs", but I speak no DIYglish).

2. Recharageable systems: Another tip that you've already heard is to get serious about rechargeable batteries, especially if you use high drain devices like digital cameras. A company called mahaenergy.com makes a good rechargeable system, and one reader from LH suggests that solar battery rechargers get a bad rap, suggesting that you should give them a try.

You can read the full list of hacks at Lifehacker.



  • chools
    So wrong wong If you are just going to lift pretty much a whole article just give us the link, failing that at least anglicise it for the UK consumer. There is (hopefully) more to writing than cut and paste?
  • kungfu
    wow.... another completely stolen article :/
  • guerfiuk
  • Mikey
    Will you whiners relax? I clicked through to Lifehacker and there's nothing copy pasted or stolen. And even if it was copy and pasted, like you would have found the article if it wasn't shared here. So stop moaning like old women! I for one found these summaries useful, so thanks.
  • Paul
    What a completely useless article; how does anything there help one receive longer battery life? Dear me.
  • Blighty
    sod the flashlight, what's with the "quarters"?!
  • scribbles
    http://www.nevadaradio.co.uk/maha.html Official UK distributers for Maha products. I've used tham and they provide a good service
  • Jack
    Useless article. Plus it more like 45p, I havent even checked, perhaps 50p
  • Duke
    ... or just buy an adapter that converts AA batteries to C or D batteries!
  • Trinsalto
    Jack re: "$0.75 (or perhaps 15 or 30p?) per battery to hack" I think Vince means using three 5ps or three 10ps in the UK, not the actual conversion rate. But yeah there's not that much gold in the Lifehacker article. And that site has deteriorated in quality in recent times. I did think this was interesting but not sure if this works: "if you're in a bind, you can get a little more time out of those regular alkaline batteries by placing the negative end of one empty against the negative end of another empty for a few minutes." Is that true?
  • Mike H.
    It is true Trinsalto, I have a flashlight, sorry, torch, that has never died because I cannily placed the batteries the wong way wound, don't tell Mr. Duracell, tee hee....
  • stefor
    Buy yourself a Battery Buddy from QVC ( http://www.qvcuk.com/ukqic/qvcapp.aspx/app.detail/params.item.559227 ). This not only does rechargables, but also Duracells, Energizer and pretty much any good alkaline battery. It does AAA, AA, C, D and 9v PP3 and really does work!!!

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