Hackers attacking Macs

imac Those bleedin' hackers have been at it again - this time around 17,000 Macs with their Mac OS Xs, have been infected by malware called 'Mac.BackDoor.iWorm'

The malware allows hackers to gain remote access to infected computers, using a communication system that buggers about with the search and comment bits of the website Reddit.

Once in, those pesky arses can control and send commands to the botnet of computers all virused up. Commanding them to pollute further connected machines or launch bad scenes in general.

Infected machines are not currently being instructed to rise up and muck your day up just yet, but some 17,658 Macs have been reported as infected so far - with 1,700 of those in the UK - there's likely to be more as the hours pass.

Apple haven't said owt on it just yet, but keep 'em peeled.

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