Guys. Guys looking to meet chicks.

We’re not sure where this video fits into a hard-hitting consumer website like Bitterwallet but it’s a great way to see in the weekend so here goes.

If you’re alone and lonely and are thinking about shelling out some cash on a dating agency subscription, beware that some are more reputable than others.

Take a look at this compilation of video dating profiles – they’re the kind of thing that you ought to be looking to avoid, especially if you’re a heterosexual man, or someone who doesn’t like fun.

There, that’s the consumer angle covered. Sort of.


  • Nick
    Brian Potter aka Peter Kay at 0.43
  • alan p.
    lmfao brian potter
  • BG1
    it's abit sexist aint it, “Guys. Guys looking to meet chicks.”. i met a luvly guy who i want bum sex with @ the gym: “Guys. Guys looking to meet Guys.” brah man luv rooles :) Big Gay 1
  • DragonChris
    "Hi mom" ROFL!
  • Brad
    "Sugar, Spice and all things nice" guy seems to be unsure if its a women he wants to me.

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