Guess who doesn't buy any car?

You've seen the annoying advert for right? Like the company name suggests, they will take any car off your hands "from fifty quid to a hundred grand". Pretty straightforward so far. Even if your car is a festering pile of parts, you'll get £50. However, this isn't the case at all, as the company are also willing to offer you absolutely nothing for your motor. One avid Bitterwallet reader got the princely offer of £0 in exchange for his car, despite getting £120 for it elsewhere:


After their less-than-generous offer of zero, then made a second offer which reveals something they never mention in their teeth-grindingly awful commercial; they offered our reader £70 for his car, minus an admin fee of £49.95.

Coincidentally, the Advertising Standards Agency have just upheld a complaint against the company, after a consumer complained the admin fee was never mentioned in their adverts. The ASA stated the fee was "a significant condition which was likely to affect a viewer's decision to sell their car through and noted that there was no such reference to the fee in the ad," and concluded that "the ad was likely to mislead." The result is that the ASA feel that "the ad should not appear again in its current form."

Would you flog your car for £50 to someone who hits you with a bill that leaves you with five pence? You may as well go Street Fighter II on it and kick it to bits with your mates and have done with it. It all flies in the face of's pitch to would-be sellers, which claims that they're "the guaranteed way to sell your car. Whatever the make, model, age or condition - we'll buy it! We buy all makes and models, from £50 to over £100,000, from non-runners to brand new cars."


Now we know that the ASA aren't happy with the way the company are promoting themselves, are we going to see a change in the commercial and company name?

WeDon'! WeDon'! If you want money for your car, take it to a scrapper's yard... WeDon'! WeDon'!


  • Ant
    annoying adverts I agree, but it does state on the screen during them that an admin fee may apply, From 49.95-99.95 I think it is
  • Leprascopic L.
    Good. Criminals shouldn't be allowed to get away with fine print.
  • Jeremy H.
    On behalf of We Buy Any Car Ltd, I can confirm that we received a complaint via the Advertising Standards Authority from a customer who felt agrieved that we didn't state that an admin fee would be charged within our TV advertising. We take all complaints very seriously and took immediate action to amend our advertising to comply with the Advertising Standards Authority's recommendations. The zero valuation cited above was a rare but unfortunate glitch in our valuation system and has been resolved. Needless to say, we don't take cars off customers' hands for zero payment but openly acknowledge that some customers, especially those with very old cars may be able to achieve a better price selling privately. Finally, I can emphatically confirm that we do buy any car and have no plans to change the name of the company!
  • Klingelton
    WTF, IS DAT (^^) REAL!!!
  • David
    Wow what a great response. I'd like to publicly state that I buy gold bars, winning lottery tickets and fifty pound notes. I pay £1 (less admin fee) for any of the above.
  • tom
    Bunch of fox bummers, all sites like this take advantage of people who want or need to sell quick. It's the nature of the beast they are not going to give you a realistic price as they take on the risk of selling it on/ breaking it for parts. This sort of business model was a break of genius starting in the housing market, don't go out looking for people trying to get rid of their house quick make them come to you! Never the less I despise these type of middle men(people/foxes) companies they are no good for anyone other than themselves. If you have a burnt out car being paid 5p is better than paying for it to be removed so that's a win!
  • Bill W.
    They also keep on emailing you when you have declined their offer
  • william
    Is it true , you need to deliver the car to yourselves and bus or train it home? So you can spend the fee you get for the car on travel home.
  • adr0ck - Do not buy any car I went on their website - car not listed - so i emailed them with the make - as your asked to do - still not received a reply and that was 3 weeks ago At least the person above received an offer - even if it was £0.00 - whereas i didn't even receive a reply
  • chaffordred
    I had two "valuations" done by WeBuy AnyCar The first was my 2006 Fiesta 1.4tdci which was provisionally valued at £2950. Not a bad price until you realise they wan't you to take it to a car supermarket for some oik to pull it to bits and offer you a tenner for it. Confirmation of this was realised when I had my £12,000 Honda Civic Type R valued at surprise, surprise £2950! To me this looks like a con. They offer you a price that is pulled out of thin air to lure you down to one of their "partner" businesses, in my case this was CarLand @ Lakeside - one of the biggest rip off merchants in the motor industry.
  • Morocco
    Jeremy: are you the twat off the We Buy Any Car TV commercial?
  • Ivantheinebriated
    It's not street fighter 2 where you destroy a dude's car; it's Final Fight.
  • Nick
    I got a quote of £6.5k for my Audi A3 when it is worth 9-10k my girlfriend put her classic mini on there and they offered £75 and it is worth £1.5k-2k
  • Carl
    on Street Fighter 2 one of the bonus levels was smashing up some Toyota. Good times!
  • Ivanisveryinebriated
    Yeah, first bonus level was smashing up a car. Second is the burning tyres. failcorrectionisfail =]
  • rappy
    is there a pattern forming here with these company's this sounds so close to the postal gold company's
  • A w.
    These chancers copied my jingle for my business We buy any bra, from 36 C to 48 GG, we buy and bra, any, any, any Now all I ever get offered are rusty Datsun Cherrys and crappy Ladas
  • LuckyL
    WBAC offered 2K less than the dealer offered as a part exchange (!). I did not even respond to this "offer", a week later another valuation "Congratulations, your car has increased its value"...haggling WBAC style. I can't possibley think of any scenario where it would make sense to use them.
  • james
    I hate this company. I got a valuation for my car of £1,200.00. The moment I got to carcraft all they wanted to do was get me to look at the massively overpriced cars in the showroom. I was made to wait over an hour and then told they would give me £500.00 When I asked why they told me it was not in good condition as I had stated on the internet. Their proof? A small stone chip on the bonnet and a small scratch by the diesel cap. So those items take the car from excellent to poor do they? I thought I was being more than fair by only stating it was in good condition. Fuck off you stupid con artist cunts. To add insult to injury they now bombard me with emails with the latest offers and suggesting they would love to buy any cars I have to sell. You have been warned, don't expect the price you are quoted to be what you are offered when you get there.
  • Gadget 4.
    I think the people complaining about the low prices quoted miss the point. They never said "we buy any car at the equivalent of it's market value through a private sale". The plan is to buy then sell on at a profit. They obviously can't do that if they buy it at it's market value. If you want market value then sell it privately yourself. The service they offer is so that you can get a quick sale and get the car off your hands, obviously you will pay a premium for that. The bit about the admin fee is sneaky I agree, but I really don't understand why people complain that they could get more money for their car through a private sale. If that's the case then do it!
  • Frog
    We Buy Anycar* Almost
  • Tom
    hmmm. Just put in the reg to my 1968 VW Beetle and they don't seem to want to value it. After putting in the reg (should be conclusive in itself) it correctly recognises it is a Volkswagen, the model drop down box offers Beetle but only models after 1999. I know it says that if your car is not listed visit a branch, but you would think with over 20 million made it might be worth allowing it to be valued online.
  • Dobbo
    Owned by Carshaft-the home of the never never. Enough said.
  • nig0-0ger
    Posted by Ivanisveryinebriated | June 16th, 2010 at 9:21 am Yeah, first bonus level was smashing up a car. Second is the burning tyres. failcorrectionisfail =] ------------------- I think you'll find, the first bonus level was smashing up a car. And the second was BARRELS. How does that phrase go? Failcorrectionisfail?
  • nig0-0ger
    Oh, and back to the subject, My mates 24k mint condition Delta Integrale EVO 2, was valued by for..... £2950. Bet you didn't see that coming...
  • Alexis
    Most of these companies are rip offs, but check out Music Magpie. They gave me a fiver for about 10 absolutely worthless PS2 games!
  • andy y.
    They behave like a second hand car dealer.
  • LuckyL
    @Gadget 4free!: of course you will always get more when selling privately, but that is not the point. The point is: they DO advertise to check their services before part exchanging. And even in that scenario, they lost out by 2 Grand - the only way of getting less for your car is to have it crushed.
  • why
    I know things change fast in the scrap business - but a local scrap dealer towed away my 12year old non-runner and gave me £180 cash (and the legal paperworks you need) around 18months back. Who'd take their old banger to those webuy scammers? webuy and their ilk are good for getting an absolute lowest possible valuation on your car; (provided it's a model they want) They wouldn't be able to sell a 24K Delta Integrale EVO 2 hence the silly valuation - they'll give a low value on any model they don't want to buy...
  • why
    @andyofyarm - That's more than a little unfair. I've bought from a lot of secondhand car dealers - none were near as bad as webuy.
  • why
    Oh goody - my previous comment is being moderated 'cos I used the word Sca * m * mers - I'm so excited
  • Shooter M.
    "The result is that the ASA feel that 'the ad should not appear again in its current form.'" HALLELUIAH!
  • ASCii
    @Jeremy Herbert - "we received a complaint via the ASA". I understand the ASA received no fewer than 5 complaints, about 2 major points. All of the complaints were upheld. @ everyone saying "its fair they charge an admin fee" - The ASA have upheld the complaints; your opinion is invalid. Whether the fee's fair or not, it was deemed unfairly advertised. It also, as stated in the article, wasn't applied as promised; the fee was applied to an estimate which was under the threshold of £100. I'm not quite sure of the difference between an offer of £50 with no admin fee and an offer of £100 with a £50 admin fee, other than perhaps one might suggest the latter would better mislead those who fail to read smallprint. @nig0-0ger - If your mate is still selling his Delta, I'll give him £3,000 for it.
  • jamie
    We buy any car ringtone lol look what it is rated at on hot uk deals!!!!!!!1 haha
  • Marc D.
    LOL! This is soooo funny! All you guys bitchin - it's a business for heaven's sake; not a goddamn charity. The irritating music was brilliant - it worked didn't it. I'm in marketing and I wish I'd thought of this. Of course they're a bunch of twats - but don't imagine that any other successful business isn't run by a bunch of twats. YOU"RE FIRED! (And the BBC are even letting Sir Alan say that, promoting his business for FREE at our expense.)
  • Mike H.
    The advert tune would be pretty shit if they had to explain though guys, We sort of buy any car for a 1/4 of it's worth as long as we want it and you pay a admin fee... any any any sort of... We sort of buy any car for a 1/4 of it's worth as long as we want it and you pay a admin fee... any any any sort of... We sort of buy any car for a 1/4 of it's worth as long as we want it and you pay a admin fee... any any any sort of... We sort of buy any car for a 1/4 of it's worth as long as we want it and you pay a admin fee... any any any sort of...
  • Why a.
    ...The second bonus level was indeed barrels, third was the burning oil drums (not tyres). Failcorrectionisindeedfail. And I thank you for correcting me..
  • Jase
    'The advert tune would be pretty shit if...........' And you think its not pretty shit already?? Ffs.
  • Laurz
    The thing is I dont give a rats arse if the song is catchy or if it is shit, what I care about is that they mislead customers. To those saying that theyre a business and the catchy misleading song was good marketing because it got peoples attention well I'm sure mcdonalds could come up with a really catchy advert along the lines of 'everything is free, come on in and get free food every day of the year. Thats right mcdonalds are giving everything away'. It would be great marketing until you got there and the people behind the counter tld you the advert was a load of bollocks. Sorry but companies should not be creating catchy misleading adverts, its fraud and nothing more. Set of absolute cunts who have created a business model based on being a national joke, i predict they'll be going the way of portsmouth within 12 months
  • shinkyshonky
    What about the crap they buy......
  • Jackie
    They dont actually buy any car!!! Cars which have previously been cat A or cat B write offs, cars which have been reported as stolen are exceptions (among others). If enough people complain about this we may finally escape the horrendous adverts and jingles as webuymostcars or webuysomecars arent quite as catchy.
  • Dan R.
    Well then, I did a valuation less than a month ago for my 4X4, they quoted £1275 which is pretty low but I would have taken it, I am on a business trip for a month so i thought I would log in again just to organise an appointment to get rid of the beast and for some reason the quote had dropped by nearly £400 to a devastatingly low £890!! I have heard also from a work mate who went to sell his car with them that they then try to knock MORE off the price when you get there! It's a good idea but come on!! I don't see a premium of nearly £400 as "What only might be a few quid" as advertised on their radio ads!
  • Brian C.
    My Hyundia coupe on a 2000 plate with only 97k on the clock and in good condition for the year.With a alarm immobilser and remote start. Was valued at 260 quid minus the 49.99 admin fee. The alarm system alone is worth more than that.I have already had offers over 1200 pounds. This compamy is just like the ones that want to buy your mobile phone. These compamy's are full of shit.They are the modern day Gypo's scrap collecter that trawl our streets looking to take what you have and give little or nothing in return.
  • sue
    I waish someone would blow up we buy any car fuck off crap advert crap fucking shite con men
  • agreeeee
    i agree
  • agreeeee
  • Tony D.
    Arranged to sell them my Shogun 2.8 diesel (2000) in very good condition with 122K miles and 10 months MOT. Was offered £1000 on the website so decided not to sell to them but went to the local centre anyway. By the time they had finished the offer had gone down to £750. I sold it privately a week later for £2150. You would really need to be desperate to sell your car through we buy any car.
  • Jase
    I got a valuation for my 2007 Astra 1.9 CDTi XP with with 20k on the clock and 12 months mot and fsh . They sell on the forecourts for around £10k which was similar in price to comparative models at Carland, surprise surprise!. WBAC quoted £5595 and needless to say I am not that stupid and have a fully functioning brain. I realise they need to make a profit but what a profit eh - 40% mark up. Suspect the majority of their customers must be airheads with bleached hair - who else could be that thick. Jeremy, if you were an honest decent organisation you would not need a customer complaint to tell you what you should have realised in the first place, would you or are you just incompetent??
  • Mike
    I've just seen an advert for WeWantAnyCar - are these the same shysters as WBAC? (who are CarCraft)
  • simpsonco
    They merely send the car they have just burgled off you to the nearest British Car Auctions site to be sold under the grandiose `UK Car Group` banner at a hefty profit thanks very much ;-) And they don`t fix any of the faults they have used to decimate the price either - surprise, surprise!
  • Jimmcnic
    I got an online quote from these shysters a week or so ago for my BMW 330i - came in at half the part-ex value - which I got without haggling. I know the part-ex value was correct as I'd done my research. The priced-low- for-a-quick-sale argument doesn't cut the mustard as far as I'm concerned - this is a rip-off, pure and simple!
  • Auction m.
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  • Fi L.
    Have you tried ? If you want to realise the equity in your cat, there's no place better to go. ;)
  • Paul L.
    Don't bother with these people, losers! and you will too, if like me you had/have an old car Vauxhall astra 1994, go to I got £125 for my car, no MOT, Tax etc
  • Buy F.
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  • dealer's p.
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  • Antony
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  • Joseph
    I took my car to the webuyanycar in northamton as this was my closest one and the chap there I think his name was T Malick or something put me off completely he picked out so many minor faults on my car and then offered me a silly amount. After all this he had the nerve to say dont let us buy it we will take more money off the car when you get the cheque, and that his girlfriend was looking for a car and he offered me £50 more in cash I am so angry as i feel cheated webuyanycar offered me less money and then they try to buy the car by offering cash im sorry but thats wrong I would never use webuyanycar anymore and would be telling evryone about this they are total thiefs Disgusted
  • Liam
    webuyanycar is a complete joke anyone who has sold there car to them should be shot immediately! I had some dafty who was buying my car flashing his phone in my face telling me that's what my cars worth. I felt like giving him a back hander.
  • Dan R.
    We buy any car are full of it!! They don't buy any car at all and should be sued on grounds of false advertising! I got a quote online from them of £190. I confirmed i would like to sell and arranged an appointment which was confirmed. They then did not turn up for the appointment so I rang them and made another. They didn't turn up for this either so I complained to which they said they hadn't bothered because they didn't want the car.
  • Steve
    We took my girlfriends car to the one in harts farm way havant. No one turned up so went back an hour later still no one there phoned the man at Chichester branch he said that the man hadn't turned up for work. And gave us a third appointment for two days later.they didn't turn up then I have since heard that they are typical car dealers who only want the cream ,a lot of what they told is put in auction .so cut out, the Del Boys and put it in auction or gumtree yourself
  • tomlinsonpaul

    My wife's 8 year old Freelander 2 is immaculate and has only 59000 miles on the clock. We BuyAnyCar gave a guaranteed price of £9780 so I arranged an appointment with them to inspect the car. The two guys were very pleasant and professional and one made a detailed inspection of the car and found one or two minor stone chips conceding that it was a very nice car and they would like to buy it. Then back into the office so that he (the computer) could price the car. But you've already priced it I said. No, I have to put the condition into the computer so that it can be repriced he said. Surprise, surprise, his computer said £8750 over £1000 less than the 'guaranteed' price which was a 10% drop. His explanation was that the car has to be forecourt ready and even an eight year old car has to be perfect. I don't believe it - it's a con. So the car will go to the dealer who is supplying me with a new car with a trade in value at £9200 even after a heavy discount on the new car. 

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