Groupon rack up their 50th ASA ruling of the year!

Bitterwallet - Groupon deal They’ll be blowing up balloons and raising their glasses at Groupon today, after the daily deal company effortlessly notched up its 49th and 50th bollockings from the Advertising Standards Authority. That comes only a few days after being referred to the Office of Fair Trading as a result of the massive tally of code breaches. Tremendous news.

The first of the two rulings was over breast enhancement sessions sold via Groupon, with the promise that "typical growth between a quarter and two cup sizes within five to eight weeks" would be achieved. It was a claim made from studying only six patients’ treatments, which isn’t very scientific, especially when you’re dealing with something important like breast growth.

That magical 50th breach of ASA code was in a deal for grocery delivery service Ocado, offering a one-year midweek delivery pass "usually priced at £69.99". However, when the offer was launched – a six-month delivery deal was just £14.99. An annual delivery deal priced £69.99, WAS available, but covered deliveries on any day of the week the customer desired. The ASA duly set off their ‘misleading klaxon’.

Keep it up Groupon – you’re amusing us all with your antics!


  • Terry
    Imagine if Ryanair offered a Groupon!
  • ASA
    Is it too late to add a vote for Groupon to the worst company of the year? They really are being cunts.
  • zleet
    Next time you see some beauty product advert claiming x percent prefer it or get some result read the small print as it's always based on some weird unrounded number.
  • ASA
    In another amazing show of strength we have banned the poster for Final Destination 5! Oh yes! Banned it for being too scary. They won't be using that exact same poster to advertise the film that was released months ago and is no longer being promoted at all. Take that advertising scum!
  • Richard H.
    I agree groupon are utterly shite. Worst company I've used in years!
  • Mike H.
    99 Women agreed* *out of 100 it was shite

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