Groupon launches Groupon Now, for coupons now

Let's say you can't get enough of all those teeth-whitening offers, spa days and family portraits offered by Groupon, but you can't wait until a deal closes at the end of the day. You want that pearly white smile now, dammit, so there'll probably be a pant explosion heading your way when you hear about Groupon Now, a new app that finds live offers and coupons that are available to buy and use immediately. It works out pretty well for retailers too, who can schedule live deals as and when they've got a lull in business.

Here's an attractive lady to tell you all about it. She might be pretty, but she has atrocious eating habits:

You're probably wondering what the difference is between this and the dozens of other voucher-based apps out there? We can't spot one. Since Groupon Now doesn't appear to require a specific number of sales to trigger an offer, it's simply another deal apps. In its favour, Groupon is the leader in the daily deals market which mean it could pull in enough deals to be truly useful.

It's not available in all the cities currently served by Groupon yet (in fact it's only available in Chicago so far) so you'll have to go about your daily deals the standard way for the time being.

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  • Nick T.
    Woo-hoo! The latest, greatest offers INSTANTLY! Now I'll never need to visit HUKD again! Oh.

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