Grotesque Littlewoods ad sparks scores of complaints from truth-denying parents

SPOILER: This post contains information about Santa Claus that may be deeply upsetting for small children.

It’s arguably one of the worst adverts around at the moment and it seems to have enraged parents across the land. Yes, it’s the Littlewoods Christmas debacle and as well as being a naked plug for rampant greed and consumerism (acquired at Littlewoods’ prices no less), it also casts doubt over the existence of Santa Claus, claiming that Mum got all the stuff, as opposed to the big bloke with the beard.

Throw in the fact that MEN use the Littlewoods catalogue as well (possibly) and it all adds up to one big heinous disgrace. As a result, the Advertising Standards Authority have received 456 complaints from disgusted viewers who feel that the advert should be shown at a later time, when the idiotic Santa-believers are all tucked up in bed.

As far as we’re concerned, it should be banned solely because of the disgustingly pleased look on the dad’s face when he shows off his vile D&G watch, but it’s different strokes for different folks isn’t it?


  • Random p.
    What? People complained about THIS? Here I am, working myself into the dirt on a building site, whilst some people are sitting down with a cup of tea and suddenly being harshly offended by... The Littlewoods advert... I thought my week was bad
  • Tom
    Fantastic! Why should Littlewoods support the lying to and deception of children? It's just a way of mistreating venerable people and coercing them by convincing them that they wont get what they want if they are not 'good'. Next stop: Religion...
  • Alexis
    I think the point was that it told the truth about Father X, which is a big deal when you've got young children.
  • Ugh n.
    Bah if kids are old enough to deduce from that advert that he isn't real, they are old enough to stop believing in him... Still not complain worthy though
  • Dick
    It doesn't say he doesn't exist, it just says that the mother bought those gifts. Surely other people are allowed to buy gifts as well as Santa (if kids believe he exists). As to the male vs female part. Most men wouldn't use a shit company like littlewoods. So I can't see the problem really. No real difference to the Iceland ads. Mum's gone to Iceland cos Dad cannot be arsed.
  • BubbaJay
    Regardless of whether anyone likes or dislikes this advert and whatever the "message" is its trying to convey, either implicitly or explicitly, the fact is, it's aimed at children and therefore breaks ASA advertising rules.
  • Paul G.
    " different strokes for different folks isn’t it?" I certainly stroked.
  • Phil
    Some people really need to get a life... Maybe they can ask Santa?
  • Santa
    Well Littlewoods can just fuck off. Commercial twats. Gather ye around an open fire and share your love with small gifts and good cheer. That's Christmas.
  • Jesus
    Well Santa can just fuck off. Pagan twat. Remember none are saved but through me so do the love thing but you' better make damn sure that those kiddies believe in me or it's hell all the way for them. Nothing personal.
  • Mohammed
    Respect to you Great Prophet Jesus but you can just fuck off. Etc.
  • Budha
    What is Christmas anyway?
  • YHWH
    I really should sort this argument out one day. Happy Black Friday readers.
  • Jehovah
    Come and have a go if you think your hard enough, now fuck off the lot of ya!
  • Thor
    Did I hear something about a fight?
  • Saturn
    Fuck the lot of you! This was supposed to be my party before the Christians turned up.
  • Mithras
    Who's gonna be celebrating my birthday?
  • There O.
    And it's me so clear off the lot of you. Those "kids" are all actors so they'll believe anything you tell them as long as you give them the cold hard cash. Don't get me started on the kids in the smoking adverts . . .
  • ICB
    I was more offended by the kids gansta rap
  • Loafer1946
    and they are encouraging poeple to buy their crap on credit.
  • Little E.
    Just loving all the usernames on the posts above.... Commerical sh**e wanting peeps to spend spend spend... Hey... thought xmas was to be jolly and be with family. Still my day is on the shortest day of the year.. Time to burn a naked virgin lady :D
  • Nibiru
    I think the thing that pisses a lot of people off is the fact a lot of pleople are in the shit - but these wankers are saying fuck it blow a shit load of cash you can ill afford on crap that you dont really need - - come on f_ck me spending £1000 plus due to peer pressure - fuck of littlewoods you c_nts. f_cking disgusting a very strong case of "if you dont buy loads of tat your worthless and no one will love you or be happy" and what about the Wii advert - which implies unless you have one your chritsmas will be shit - fuck off - where is that monopoly board
  • Mammon
    Dis is great.
  • God
    When Am I going to receive the credit for delivering all the presents? Screw that fat old man you mortals dreamed up, it was ME!
  • Mortal
    @God You are "that fat old man" we mortals dreamed up...
  • PokeHerPete
    What? Seriously? People called up and complained? They really need to sort their life out. Like ICB said, if anything I was more disturbed by the rap attempt. It highlights the sad state of popular music these days.
  • Mickey
    It's all about bling and chavvy culture. These kids will probably be having twizzlers and smiley faces for their Christmas dinner. No surprises for guessing what kind of looting-and-arson based activities they'll be getting up to in August of 2021.
  • zleet
    Fuck it, I say buy everything on credit because judging by what's going on in the world we are all going to be living in a mad max style wasteland in a year anyway. Do you think I could buy a thunderdome and large downs syndrome lad at littlewoods?
  • Rich
    May be their haveing a larf butt the speling at the end bothers me moar: "peak behind the scenes". Are they alurting vewyers to a hiddun mountin raynge or somethink?

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