Greenwoods aren't losing any sleep right now over this one...

penis-pants-24153-1266859635-99 Who says posh haute couture fashion isn’t accessible for everyone?

Not us – imagine if you’d just fallen into a puddle of sick that had been hidden away in a bush, suffering a broken arm in the process, this would definitely be the suit you'd be looking to wear during your recovery.

And if your cock had fallen out during the incident and you found yourself with what might be some kind of weird colostomy bag connection between your bladder and an unidentifiable point halfway up your sleeve, well hell, you’d be all over this new outfit from, erm, let’s see… it says Isabel Mastache here, as unveiled at the Madrid Fashion Week.

Just look at it – it’s perfect for those things that we just said! Now, where's that dodgy-looking bush?



  • Nobby
    No doubt the fashion critics love it. I'd love it if one of them told the truth just once and said this is shit. Look at it, it's crap. It looks like something a three year old kid has made by sticking loads of old fabric onto her dolly's clothes. And stuck an arm of another dolly up the sleeve so that his right arm has to hang loose. Utter bollocks.
  • Andy D.
    I think the arm thing is inspired by Bernie Clifton's false legs when he used to ride his ostrich around.
  • Rolly
    If a fashion critic says "its rubbish", other critics will assume that this negative criticism is because they havent understood it properly. So they all have to pretend its "brilliant" as to appear to "get it". Same applies to modern art. Its a vicious circle which ends up with a lot of BS being spouted at art exibitions all over the world.
  • Yahoo S.
    Showing your age again Andy, your pop culture references once more not quite hitting the mark.
    If anyone ever watched Friends this reminds me of Pheobes artwork with the pictures comin out the painting with mannequins limbs attached freeeakeee
  • Stuart R.
    Andy has been taking comedy tips from Peter Kaye's Brit Award hosting. I await some Cannon & Ball/ Russ Abbott reference.
  • Amanda H.
    That "cock suit" is perfect, it just needs a foot long turd, swinging from the butt cheek.
  • Maude
    I love the fact that this story has been categorised as "cock trousers". I can imagine somebody wanting to browse this site by "cock trousers" stories.
  • Jayna
    It's much easier to unrdesntad when you put it that way!
  • cnhznoxct
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