Greene King favours the Londoners more

4 July 2014

greene king The boss of Greene King has admitted the company serves better quality food to its customers in the London area.

It's claimed that this is to induce a wow factor for the lucky Londoners.

Said Rooney Anand, chief executive of the Suffolk-based brewery:  “A 12oz or a rib-eye steak or something premium that would be seen as a treat in parts of our estate, especially in the provinces, would be seen in London as an everyday purchase,”

“What we would do in London, even on fish and chips or on burgers or our steaks, is make them more premium and more worthy of spending a bit more on in terms of the quality,” he added.

This shocking revelation came as the group, who employs 222,000 staff across 2,000 joints in the UK, posted a 7.4% climb at its London sites in the past two months.

Greene King’s strong period of trading in London came after good full-year results, with overall group profits increasing by 9.4% to £158m on revenue up 8.9% to £1.3bn in the year to May 4. It is the fourth successive year of revenue growth at the company since the credit crunch.

Sales at the 220 pubs located within the M25 are also being helped by better-quality side dishes, Mr Anand admitted.

“It’s the quality of the vegetables, so maybe rather than focusing heavily on fries or chips, its focusing on premium vegetables you might put alongside, or the quality of the salad … to overall plate up a dish that has got a 'wow factor’ when it arrives”.

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