Grapevine abuzz over latest iPhone rumours (and the name guessing game) Internet is humming over the past couple of days with rumours about the new iPhone 3.0 that is expected to be introduced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in 2 months. Sifting through the rumours, the ones with the most buzz are:

  1. more megapixels for the camera
  2. video capabilities#
  3. some kind of voice recognition (for dialing? navigating?)
  4. a 'magnetometer', and
  5. "advanced gaming capabilities"

Starting with the camera, the buzz is that it will go from 2 megapixels to 3.2, which is largely considered to be a less than great improvement, particularly with no flash forthcoming. However, a far east manufacturer has reported receiving orders for 5 megapixel sensors to go on some Apple product later this year.

Video appears to be a lock. Hackers recently fiddled with some iPhone 3.0 firmware to trigger what looks like a video management interface. Other clandestine screen shots back this up. It also looks likely that basic video editing will be included.

Hacked firmware also shows a screen with a switch for voice control. Is it voice dialling? Or perhaps voice activated GPS? Either way, it has iPundits all in a twitter frenzy.

Other features that look promising are a three-axis digital compass, which gives some cred to the “voice navigation” speculators, and FM radio transmit/receive capabilities, which might, might mean you can stream music from your iPhone through your car stereo without those annoying FM transmitters available now that have to be held just so and even then fade in and out if you do fancy driving maneuvers like, say, turning, or braking.

So far, the most unanswerable question about the anticipated iPhone is what it’s going to be called? Suggestions include: the iPhone Nano, iPhone X (as a nod to their new mobile operating system) or the iPhone V (for video).  My bet is on the "iPhone [Steve]Job-Less Edition". Let's hear your guesses!

[Electric Pig]


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