Grainger mob mar Games Media Awards

tumblr_ltq3z8MPH81qalsvc It’s not quite on par with Gerald Ratner describing his products as “crap” but you can’t beat the sight of a brand shooting itself in the foot and it happened last night at the Games Media Awards in London.

The sponsors for the event were north-based games retail chain Grainger Games, but it seems as though their big cheeses used the event as their own personal Big Night Out. On the menu were…

* A giant orange Humvee, parked outside the venue

* Booth babes and dwarves, dressed in orange hot pants and orange shorts respectively. Both freezing their tits off.

* Grainger-branded condoms scattered on every table inside the venue.

* Constant haranguing of the compere and award winners throughout, including chants of ‘Toon Army, Toon Army!’ (the company started out as a market stall in Newcastle’s Grainger Market).

* One member of the Grainger entourage invading the stage during the presentation of an award, so that he could do a silly, hip-thrusting dance.

* The peppering of the Games Media Legend award, the biggest gong of the night, being broken up by booing and slow-handclapping from the sponsor’s table.

Quality stuff – it all ended when the Grainger gang realised they’d overstepped the mark (or as one report suggests, were discovered ‘enjoying the refreshments’ in the toilets) and headed off into Central London in a couple of cabs, throwing gang signs at anyone who’d look in their direction.

Can Grainger Games expect any favourable coverage in the games press following this? That remains to be seen (as long as they’re beating the competition price-wise, we’ll certainly contiunue to feature them here). Will those attendees who were appalled by it all turn up at future events and note that, actually, it was much more fun when Grainger Games got hammered that time? That also remains to be seen.

No such thing as bad publicity though is there?



  • Me
    I was in a Grainger Games in Nottingham yesterday, and in my naivety thought it was an independent shop! To be fair though, I'm not a gamer and it looked like shit.
  • You
    Sound like a bunch of nobs tbh.
  • Us
    Grainger staff (in the shops) are pretty decent. Can't see them lasting long now.... or those staff members.
  • oliverreed
    Thug much? Free johnnies? Out of touch retards.
  • oliverreed
  • An_Owl
    Quite why this incident would have even the remotest impact on Grainger's commercial prospects is beyond me. Their games are well proceed and the stores are decent enough. So they got hammered and disrupted an oh so precious media event. All that tells me is how far up their own backsides the self important, pampered, Oxbridge educated London games media really is. Try setting up your own retail business from scratch and we'll see exactly how far you get.
  • Dick
    If they are the headline sponsor, surely they are allowed to stick advertising everywhere? As to the rest, it sounds like typical Geordies on the piss.
  • Zleet
    It was a video game media awards, since when did that become stuffy and respectable? I can imagine all the game journos looking like old Victorian gentlemen and one of their monocles popping out into his champagne to the cry of 'well I never!' at the behavior of these ruffians and ragamuffins. Grainger are probably laughing their arses off that they have managed to get themselves talked about even if it's about them partying. Have to say that they aren't as cheap as they used to be when they were a little market shop.
  • MichaelJT
    Please don't get them mistaken for north easterners. Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Durham and Darlington have separated from this fools after the Geordie shore incident don't mistake them for us.
  • The B.
    To be fair it does sound like a Geordie night out, this is how my brother in law behaves in front of his kids, he's a charming chap.
  • Biffa B.
    Yu callin' wor Grainger Games a puff?
  • Dick
    When are we getting pics of the babes and dwarves?
  • maskedman
    Typical Nothern savages ...
  • mob
    southern fairy.
  • Ian
    30 quid for MW3 on 360/PS3.... Go Grainger Games!
  • Gav
    Never heard of the GMA, 'nuff said!
  • Whyaye
    I've never heard of this GMA either, but since when has gaming been so serious? Sounds like they came up with a plan to get their name out there, I suppose the gaming media is too mature for that.
  • proloy
    gringer stuff in the shops are pretty decent

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