Government lose court case over solar - bargain tariff potentially back on


If you missed out on the attractive solar panel feed-in tariff before the government axed it in December, you could get a second chance. That’s because the decision to half the 43p per kilowatt-hour generated rate has been declared as unlawful by the Court of Appeal.

As a result, a new cut-off date for the sexy subsidy has been announced, namely 3rd March, which could lead to a new rush for consumers to ‘go solar’, before the latest 43p period ends.

BUT… there could be an inherent risk. The government are not happy about this court decision, that could save money for the consumer jobs and save jobs in the renewable energy industry, and they’ll be taking their grievance to the elders of the Supreme Court.

If they win their appeal, there’s a chance that anyone who signs up for solar between now and 3rd March could be forced to later revert to the crappier 21p tariff. However, anyone who forked out before the original deadline of 12th December is safe.

It’s so complex – why can’t we just all go and LIVE on the freakin’ sun??


  • james d.
    When will they let this absurdly generous tariff die, 43p is madness.
  • Tom
    The companies are making too much money from the government, free solar companies make around 15% return each year. That's a lot of money. I am not surprised they fought it in the courts.
  • j
    Don't be so dumb. That 43p comes from somewhere, specifically the pockets of everyone who DOESN'T have solar.

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