Got breasts? Keep them looking nice for the gents please

Ladies, I'm not breaking news to you when I mention you've got boobies. You know it, we know it. And I'll be honest with you - I think they're pretty great. Which is why whenever I speak to a lady for the first time, I don't ask their name, whether they'd like a drink or how much they charge for special trouser love. No, I immediately recommend the KUSH to her:

It's essentially a plastic toilet roll that keeps bigger chesticles apart, to avoid "wrinkles and folds forming between the breasts" caused by the "pressure of breasts resting on top of each other". They're also very useful for ladies who live with the modern-age wonder that is the tit job.

Available in a choice of seven colour and three sizes, the KUSH is perfect for keeping your man charms wrinkle-free. Buy yours today, ladies - now you've no excuses for a knackered rack.


  • Jugsalot
    Purchased ;)
  • Farooq
    love the pic emmmm
  • si
    i told the wife no lingerie modeling !!
  • Tony Q.
    These should be great for perting up my man-boobs.
  • Duaine D.
    I purchased one of these for my buttocks. Should do a similar job
  • nicenswift
    I have something around the same size as this to keep my wifes breasts apart and better still its free
  • zeddy
    @nicenswift: yeh, but given your name how satisfied is she with the products?
  • Exactly
    Would any cylinder shaped object do the same job?
  • nicenswift
    @zeddy: She is after her money back :-(

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