Got a minute? Start earning while you sleep

There's a great article on Freelance Switch today, about selling your work through third party sites to earn extra pocket money in these tight times.

Author Collis Ta'eed submitted around 60 illustrations in 2005 to iStockPhoto, an online community which catalogues and sells designs and photographs. Thinking nothing more about it for three years, Ta'eed recently checked his account and found $6,000 there. The illustrations he'd forgotten about were earning him $200 a month and still are. While the enrollment process means jumping through a couple of hoops - you must submit examples of your work to the inspection team before being allowed to contribute - if you're a competent photographer then you shouldn't go far wrong. Unless you're a photographer for Razzle. I don't think they're down with that.

I've done something similar with, an online writing community. It's a collection of thousands of original articles on every subject under the sun. Each page is filled to the brim with Google ads, while some sharp SEO means the pages attract plenty of visitors. Unlike iStockPhoto which licenses content for commercial use, Suite101 generates revenue for writers by giving them a cut of the ad revenue. I wrote 10 travel articles at the beginning of the year which have earned $100 so far - I won't be quitting the day job, but I plan to squeeze out a new article every now and then; once they're done, each one will happily earn me a few cents every day.

If you're involved in the arts or digital media and have time between projects you could put to more production use, check out Freelance Switch's list of sites that'll sell your wares.

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