Gordon Brown Gets 25 Region 1 DVDs from Obama, Cheaper in UK

Gordon Brown recently visited the White House. During his time there, he received little in the way of VIP treatment, despite giving some rather lavish gifts to Obama and his family. As you may have read about recently, these gifts include:

  • an ornamental desk pen holder made from the oak timbers of Victorian anti-slavery Naval vessel HMS Gannet;
  • a framed commission for HMS Resolute
  • a first edition set of the seven-volume classic biography of Churchill by Sir Martin Gilbert;
  • Top Shop clothing for each of the Obama children;
  • and Six childrens' books by British authors.

What did Brown get in return?

That's right, 25 DVDs (hey, at least Obama included The Wizard of Oz).

It's been a couple of weeks now since Brown has returned to the UK, but it appears that he ain't 'singing in the rain'. Just the other day, Brown discovered that the DVDs were REGION 1, therefore the only words appearing on his screen were 'WRONG REGION'.

So what's with the region 1 DVD classics, besides highly resonant of the ill fitting bomber jacket that former President Bush gave Brown? ? The Times suggests that they may have been last minute purchases, but we wonder: could this be indicative that the US administration's financial budget is truly tightening these days?

Just for kicks, we also tallied up the total approximate price Team Obama likely spent on Amazon getting Brown these 25 classics. The total? $472 (or £325). This figure, by the way, assumes that Obama was kind enough to get Brown the special editions. We should point out that Brown's children also received two models of the US Presidential helicopter, Marine One. That only brings the total up to £355 or so, seeing that they are identical to the ones available on Amazon for $15 each.

So with that amount of consumer goods sitting around, here's a few ways for PM Brown to proceed:

(1) Buy a new DVD player at tax payers' expense. Probably not the smartest move.

(2) Have #10 and MI5 hack his DVD player to become region free. Just in case they have any trouble, here's a free guide to unlocking DVD players.

(3) Sell the DVD collection on eBay or Play.com. After all, 24 of them are still brand new and unopened. Penny saved, penny earned.

Finally, Team Obama should have probably done their research on HUKD first. The same 25 titles in region 2 DVDs from Play came to just a measely £250.80, meaning that if the US administration did their math, they could have shaved off a further 75 quid. It is the recession, after all.



  • darren W.
    Wonder if he's going to sell them on HUKD's for sale/trade, I would prefer him to send first though with his reputation!
  • Biffy
    why would he just give one of the Star Wars movies? Does he expected good old Scottish one-eyed Hitler to buy the others?
  • acecatcher3
    to kill a mockingbird, great film that.
  • Dave
    Shut up Biffy you idiot
  • Bullet
    It's not about the receiving, its about the thought behind the gift, if any?
  • If a.
    How can they be "...brand new and unopened..." yet earlier you "reported" (used in the loosest form of he word) that "Just the other day, Brown discovered that the DVDs were REGION 1, therefore the only words appearing on his screen were ‘WRONG REGION’."? Keep up the good work.
  • Rubisco
    ^^^ "24 of them are still brand new and unopened". 25 DVDs total, one was opened, only one needs to be opened to see the message on the screen. Then he checked all the boxes and read that the rest were also region 1. If you're going to troll a blog at least learn to fucking read
  • Rubisco t.
    It was a box set of DVDs, a fact (and probably not the only one) that has been omitted from this wonderful work of prose.
  • Facts
    You've done a fine job again bitterwallet in forgetting to mention a few things. The first is that Gordon Brown is a big fan of films. Loves watching them so a boxset of some of the best films ever made is quite a thoughtful gift don't you think? you fail to mention as well that they also bought presents for the PM's children. Pointing out the presents that brown bought theirs but ignoring the ones they got browns. Nice form there bitterwallet. I noticed also the emphasis on the fact the presents were from Top Shop. If I bought someone a dress I wouldn't say its a top shop dress, its just a dress. The fact that EVERYONE has made a big deal of them being top shop clothes stinks to me like a bit of free advertising for the shop. I wonder if the gifts were even paid for.
  • nyght
    Hey Facts - "We should point out that Brown’s children also received two models of the US Presidential helicopter, Marine One." - I'm not positive, but I THINK that this little sentence mentions "they also bought presents for the PM’s children". I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but this hardly counts as "ignoring" the ones "they got browns". Nice fact checking. I mean, you even read the story! I can tell! :D So you notice that the dresses were from Top Shop. That's fantastic. You know the Marine One models the kiddies got are exactly like the ones on sale at the White House gift shop? I mean, THAT'S THOUGHTful... Oh, and regardless of whether or not Brown's a movie lover, 25 DVDs from the wrong region (something the State Dept. should have known...) isn't exactly in the same class as what Brown brought. It's not too hard to find DVDs... I mean, amazon.com, the local stores, ebay... Try finding something that's made from the oak timbers of Victorian anti-slavery Naval vessel HMS Gannet...

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